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Certified Mastery Profit First Professional guiding entrepreneurs out of debt and into predictable, sustainable profitability so they can create the life they love.

I serve entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, PROFITABLY. Traditionally accounting and bookkeeping services are transactional - do the books, prepare the taxes, etc. Numbers in, numbers out, and you pay a fee. But what about profit? What if at the end of the day, by working with your profit strategist, you actually fattened your wallet? My firm does just that.

We are Certified Mastery Level in the Profit First method, have direct hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses, and collaborate with other Profit First Specialists throughout the globe. What this means is we have the strategies to make your business more profitable than it has ever been before. And we are ready to do it for you starting now.

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 Areas of Practice

  • Certified Public Accountant with 17 years tax experience
  • Certified Valuation analyst with 10 years experience in business valuation
  • Serves small businesses and individuals in the areas of taxation, business valuation, financial reporting and software support services

     •  Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clarion University
     •  Received the Elijah Watt Sells certificate in recognition of
performance in the CPA exam

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I look forward to meeting with clients to help them automate their small business bookkeeping so they we can focus on their financial strength. We review the financial statements to make them easier to understand, and take action steps together to achieve the owner's goals. Some want to grow the business, while others are ready to build an exit strategy. We help with all phases in-between, and with Rochelle's tax expertise we offer the full services that so many businesses need. What could you do with a CFO in your corner?

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