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Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTC is President and Founder of Meyer Tax Consulting LLC, in Southlake, Texas. Her team works with executives on strategic tax planning. With her team working completely virtual across the state of Texas, the firm stays on the cutting edge of technology working closely with industry leaders on innovative products and offerings.

Jackie began her career in finance while obtaining a BS in Finance at UT Arlington. After realizing a zeal for taxes, she began working at Deloitte Tax while pursuing a MSA at Southern Methodist University. Her passion to combine technology with unparalleled client service came to light at age 27 as one of the youngest female CPA firm owners. At the same time, Jackie became a best practice consultant at conferences and accounting firms across the nation.

Wanting to harvest drive and opportunity for others, she works with local nonprofits to mentor those less fortunate in their education, career, and business ventures. Jackie also has two young children and and loving husband, Mark, with whom she attends Gateway church and explores other cultures and the world with.

Specialties include concierge CPA services for family offices, entity planning and selection, IRS representation, Multi-State investments, TX Margin Tax, and Oil & Gas accounting. She has a passion for taxes and educating the public on their rights. Going green with latest technologies and a paperless office, our clients range from Dallas locals to international remote businesses.

Request a complimentary consultation on our website, e-mailing, or calling 888-272-1258.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 - Futuristic, Achiever, Learner, Input, and Focus

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We help CPA firms by providing them payment options that their clients want via an Online Payment Portal – that was Built by CPAs for CPAs”, We provide your clients the payment method of their Choice. Our options are a win for the client and win for the firm as we make sure the firm gets paid quickly.

I’ve always thrived in opportunities that offer multi-dimensional aspects of the job in an environment that lets me be a team-oriented, passionate, hands-on coach and leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who drives and delivers exceptional results.

But maintaining the status quo is not in my business DNA. I’m a manager who isn’t satisfied with average. In today’s highly competitive environment, evaluating existing situations and creating new approaches to promote continuous growth means being the point man for new and changing initiatives, taking a calculated risk.

Business acumen and a talent for insightful analysis used to identify key sales metrics, define and measure the sales process to develop benchmarks for growth and drive the organization forward are essential qualities I bring to the table.

I know the importance of cultivating beneficial business relationships and have created strong connections with partners in the CPA, financial sector, government, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Providing leadership through innovation and leveraging the potential of a direct sales force, offering a competitive sales compensation structure, and attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent are essential to keeping a sharp competitive edge and positioning the company for sustained financial health and longevity.

I am open to sharing ideas with successful other thought leaders. Let's Connect.

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Is keeping track of the financial stuff stressing you out and interfering with your productivity? Let me help.

I offer:
- Bookkeeping services using QuickBooks Online
- QuickBooks Online training
- QuickBooks Online Setup
- Books Review
- Catch up bookkeeping
- QuickBooks Online cleanup

I work best with:
Small service-based businesses, freelancers, and sole proprietors using QuickBooks Online.

Do you want to work with a highly qualified, trusted, and dedicated professional? I treat your business the same way I treat mine.

Let's chat. If you aren't satisfied with your current bookkeeper or you don't have anyone helping you right now, schedule a free discovery session at

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

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Full service contract accounting services. Specialize in:

1. Assisting start up companies with their administrative and accounting functions
2. Reconciling accounting records that have been neglected or erroneously recorded
3. Full review of accounting records to determine areas of concern, internal control weaknesses, or possible efficiencies not being utilized

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Accountants, tax pros, bookkeepers and finance consultants - in my opinion - are heroes. They can read stories from numbers and create a positive outcome.

Small business owners today - be it online or offline - do not like the "numbers" side of things. They like making money though.

Which leaves a gap for the business owner and an opportunity for the finance expert.

The question I ask is this:

"How can you help transform your clients business by going beyond the compliance work?"

We all have a different skill set and outcome. For me it was with financial modelling, with you it could be different. But... it's our DUTY to add this value where we can.

I Help Accountants & Tax Experts Create, Sell & Automate irresistible Consulting and Advisory Services


*Helped clients general multiple six figures by leveraging social media
*Created online businesses for himself and clients.
*Started a results-based marketing company which generates multiple 6-figures. I left to pursue

I use my online marketing mastery to serve one mission:

Help spread the true value of financially gifted individuals to create HUGE impacts in small & medium sized businesses


The Automatic Firm: How To Scale Your Accounting Or Tax Firm Into A “One Product” 7-Figure Business Without Working 50 - 80/hr Work Weeks.

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Owner at LWS Tax & Accounting Services
Springfield, Ohio

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Expertise In QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online,, SOS Inventory, Receipt Bank, Expensify, and Tsheets. Selected to the Top 100 Pro-Advisors, top 10 of 2015 by Insightful Accountant, Top 100 ProAdvisor of 2016 and 2017 by Intuitive Accountant

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Hector M. Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Trainer for Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC. He has over 10 years of experience working with small business finance and accounting, along with 3 Post-graduate degrees from Florida International University (FIU) in Accounting, Finance and Taxation.

Certified QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor (Desktop and Online)
Bilingual: Español

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I am owner of Satterley Training & Consulting LLC, a firm dedicated to helping accounting professionals gain the skills and confidence to explore and adopt new accounting technology.

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Developer/Strategist/Entrepreneur delivering intentional solutions for success!

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