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We help CPA firms by providing them payment options that their clients want via an Online Payment Portal – that was Built by CPAs for CPAs”, We provide your clients the payment method of their Choice. Our options are a win for the client and win for the firm as we make sure the firm gets paid quickly.

I’ve always thrived in opportunities that offer multi-dimensional aspects of the job in an environment that lets me be a team-oriented, passionate, hands-on coach and leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who drives and delivers exceptional results.

But maintaining the status quo is not in my business DNA. I’m a manager who isn’t satisfied with average. In today’s highly competitive environment, evaluating existing situations and creating new approaches to promote continuous growth means being the point man for new and changing initiatives, taking a calculated risk.

Business acumen and a talent for insightful analysis used to identify key sales metrics, define and measure the sales process to develop benchmarks for growth and drive the organization forward are essential qualities I bring to the table.

I know the importance of cultivating beneficial business relationships and have created strong connections with partners in the CPA, financial sector, government, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Providing leadership through innovation and leveraging the potential of a direct sales force, offering a competitive sales compensation structure, and attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent are essential to keeping a sharp competitive edge and positioning the company for sustained financial health and longevity.

I am open to sharing ideas with successful other thought leaders. Let's Connect.

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