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Discover the proven methodology that generates better clients, gets you 10 hours a week back, systemises your practice and enables you to scale.


Your ability to create a practice that delivers the kind of life you truly desire hinges on the kind of clients you attract, the way you deliver your services and how you run your practice. This is where we come in.


✔️ Building the number of advisory clients you have
✔️ Getting better clients
✔️ Pricing your services
✔️ Marketing and sales training
✔️ Niching your practice
✔️ Being seen as the go-to expert
✔️ Differentiating yourself from other firms
✔️ Having proposals signed fast
✔️ Leveraging your advisory offering
✔️ Creating a freedom practice



Get access to the accountant's guide to get high-value clients - a roadmap of how to use sales and marketing in your accounting firm.
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Join us for a no-pitch private workshop and discover what sales and marketing you can use in your accounting firm to attract quality prospects and get high value clients.
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Hi I'm Rob Brown, former high school math teacher, kickboxing blackbelt, stroke survivor, chess fan, part-time musician, teetotaller and committed Christian. Most of my work is in the accounting/CPA/fintech world in these 6 areas:

❶ BD/SALES TRAINING. Online webinars or in-house business development programs that train accountants/CPAs to become confident, effective and strategic work winners. Growth related sessions include prospecting, referrals, pipeline, cross-selling, personal branding, pitching, networking and closing.

❷ EVENT HOST & MODERATOR. Professional MC, event host, moderator, interviewer and chair for F2F/virtual conferences, summits and panels in the accounting and fintech world. Throughout the pandemic, I chaired 24 virtual panels with leaders of global accounting networks and alliances to discuss the key issues and challenges. View them here:

❸ ACCOUNTABILITY COACH. 1-1 career mentoring for accountants/CPAS to ensure they hit their goals and accelerate their careers outside chargeable hours. This includes discretionary activities such as networking, profile raising, career development, winning business, personal branding, developing commercial acumen, speaking and writing etc.

❹ PODCAST CO-HOST. The top-rated ACCOUNTING INFLUENCERS PODCAST features daily segments featuring news, rants and expert interviews for accountants/CPAs and the accounting/fintech world who serve them.

❺ INFLUENCER MARKETING. Accounting/fintech vendors and accounting networks/associations/alliances hire me as an 'accounting influencer' to generate interview-based video content (testimonials, case studies, staff bios, launches) for greater brand exposure, internal comms, audience engagement and product promotion.

❻ ACCOUNTING INFLUENCER ROUNDTABLE (AIR). With Martin Bissett, I co-chair a door-opening club of 50+ practitioners, experts and vendors who serve the accounting/fintech world.

Finally, I'm the author of Amazon bestseller BUILD YOUR REPUTATION with global publishers WILEY. I'm a featured TEDx speaker and my talk THE PERSONAL BRAND OF YOU has generated close to 300K YouTube views.

Personally, I have a diploma in accounting and coaching qualifications in 7 sports. I live in Nottingham (home of Robin Hood) with wife Amanda and 2 daughters. I'm a proud Yorkshireman, am allergic to grapefruit and cannot whistle or ice skate. I have epilepsy, am not allowed to drive and I play 4 musical instruments to an average standard.

☛ ☏ +44(0) 7855 710 201

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We help accounting/ERP software companies build automation solutions for data-entry from financial documents. Real-time, 100% algorithm driven delivery. Embedded in the UI of their software.

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