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In this episode of Growing Your Firm, brought to you by Jetpack Workflow, host David Cristello interviews Jennifer Ryan, the owner of Bookkeeping Direct.

Jenny shares her journey from initially joining the firm as a contractor to eventually buying the business in 2016. She highlights the company's impressive growth of 140% in the past year and discusses how the firm expanded its staff to four members.

This episode is sponsored by LiveFlow.

LiveFlow empowers you with flexible, powerful reporting tools to create customized dashboards that meet your specific needs. Connect to all your clients’ QuickBooks accounts and import their financial reports from QuickBooks into Google Sheets in no time. Learn more and book your demo here.

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In this episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, host David Cristello interviews James E. Heyward, the principal at Heyward CPA. They dive into the world of technology and discuss the apps and tools that are working well for James' firm, as well as those that aren't. 

They also touch on the importance of using a support desk for client communication and setting expectations for response times. Tune in to learn about the marketing technology landscape and gain insights on how to optimize your firm's tech stack.

This episode is sponsored by LiveFlow.

LiveFlow empowers you with flexible, powerful reporting tools to create customized dashboards that meet your specific needs. Connect to all your clients’ QuickBooks accounts and import their financial reports from QuickBooks into Google Sheets in no time. Learn more and book your demo here.

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Pawel Brzeminski is the founder and CEO of Snap Projections. Pawel has achieved great success in launching, growing, and successfully exiting his company. He has a strong ethos of reaching acquisition scale and shares insights on the unexpected process of getting acquired.

In this episode, host David Cristello interviews Pawel Brzeminski, the founder and CEO of Snap Projections. Pawel shares his journey of launching, growing, and successfully exiting his company. He discusses why he chose not to raise money from venture capitalists and instead opted for an acquisition. 

Pawel also provides insights into the process of reaching a scale where the company becomes an acquisition target and shares his experiences afterward. Tune in to learn from Pawel's story and his successful arc with Snap Projections.

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In this episode of the Growing Your Firm podcast, host David Cristello interviews Stephanie Mack, the founder of Account Mobility, a fully remote accounting practice. Stephanie shares her insights on how she's positioning her practice for growth, particularly in the area of tax advisory and tax prep.

She discusses the importance of workflow automation and software in streamlining accounting processes and talks about the increasing number of CPAs and EAs retiring, creating opportunities for her practice. Tune in to learn more about Stephanie's unique approach to growth and her perspective on the future of the accounting industry.

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Dan has quite the story and journey unlike any other. After finding himself in prison twice during his teenage years, he found a second chance in life. He was able to get sober and began starting companies beginning at the age of 18. By the time he reached 24, he began to see some true success. However, because of the demand from his newly started company, Sphere Technologies, Dan still experienced issues in his personal life.

On today’s podcast, we sat down with high energy and highly focused Dan Martell. Through conversations of deep intellect and the introduction of incredibly new principles, Dan and David discover the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys of buying back your time.

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Today, we sat down with Darren Root, Chief Strategist at Rootworks & Right Networks

Rootworks is a company of Right Networks. They focus on firm improvement and emphasize the drive of helping small to medium-size accounting firms improve every day. 

Let’s jump right in.

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We’re back with another solocast! In this episode, David Cristello, founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow reminds us of the importance of staying a student during the holiday season. 

This time of the year is crazy. On the personal front, you’re purchasing and navigating a lot of different buying experiences. You’re also factoring in changes that may be happening in 2023 as well. 

You’ll also start to think about these things for your business. During this time, it’s important to stay a student of your buying experiences by keeping in mind what’s working and what’s not.

Roger Knecht is the President of Universal Accounting Center and hosts the podcast “Building the Premier Accounting Firm.” Roger assists accounting professionals in having a premier accounting firm in their area by offering quality services and getting paid for what they are worth.

In this podcast, Roger details several pieces of advice that will help you grow your firm.

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Tom Wheelwright is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and the bestselling author of “Tax-Free Wealth.” Tom has spoken to over one-hundred-thousand entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, and others. He is the CEO of WealthAbility and hosts two podcasts: WealthAbility Show: Tom Wheelwright CPA and WealthAbility Show For CPAs.

Tune into the latest Growing Your Firm podcast as Tom discusses his new book, “The Win-Win Wealth Strategy,” and how it will help you become a more successful accountant.

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What is the secret leverage behind workflow audits? 

In this solocast, Jetpack Workflow Founder and CEO David Cristello will help you elevate your firm and become a critical thinker when conducting your workflow audit. He focuses on how you can build a metaphorical engine to help you execute more efficiently and effectively.

If you designate yourself in the “I do it” bucket or rely on your employees, take a step back and think of a different way to approach your audit. If you want to create an enterprise or develop an “engine” that will build up your firm, you are ready to take on your audit.

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Tom Wheelwright is a CPA, Founder and CEO of WealthAbility (Tempe, Arizona) and Best-Selling Author of Tax-Free Wealth. Wheelwright is a leading wealth and tax expert, global speaker, and entrepreneur. Tom is best known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

As a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Tom frequently speaks at conferences worldwide to entrepreneurs on these topics. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Accounting Today, Investor's Business Daily, FOX & Friends, ABC News Radio, NPR, Marketplace and many more media.

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David Cristello, Founder & CEO of Jetpack Workflow and host of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, offers observations of 2020 and predictions for how best to prepare for 2021 as an accounting firm owner.

In 2021, these are the 3 main buckets for industry-leading accounting firm owners to secure for a great year:

  1. Secure a margin of safety for your firm.
  2. Secure opportunities to serve existing and new clients.
  3. Secure your own wellness and goals.

Read the full summary on our blog at

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If you have started your own business and now need advice or guidance on some of the trickier issues of how to grow, increase profits, improve cashflow or reclaim your life then please connect.

Having spent most of my life running large businesses for other people I have also grown my own successful business(es) from the kitchen table to independent premises and a permanent team before selling up and starting Hudson Business Advice and Minerva Accountants which are both entirely cloud based.

Speaker and writer on a variety of business growth topics beyond the confines of traditional accountants.

‘The Numbers Business: how to grow a successful cloud accountancy practice’ won the specialist category in the Business Book Awards 2019. Co-author of the annual Bloomsbury 'Tax Planning' manual. ‘Growing by Numbers: how to scale up your small business’ was published June 2020

Online courses are available for The Numbers Business, Finance for Business Owners, Growing by Numbers, and the ScaleUp Blueprint.

Passionate believer that numbers are the scorecard for your growing business and you should have them at your finger tips. Also that the focus should be on improving your key numbers.

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I am owner of Satterley Training & Consulting LLC, a firm dedicated to helping accounting professionals gain the skills and confidence to explore and adopt new accounting technology.

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In this special episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, I discuss:

  • How to onboard new clients to set you up for future success
  • Steps to make sure each client doesn’t become a headache later
  • The art of setting expectations with your fresh, new client

Why Having Steps to Properly Onboard New Clients is as Critical Than Ever


I hammered home in Part I of this special series that before you begin scouring the city for new clients, you must have processes in place for efficiency purposes. Nothing cripples the growth of an accounting firm more than faulty processes.

Remember, the worst your process is, the less clients you can take, the more staff you must hire. Loss of revenues, increase in cost. That’s not what we’re looking for. In Part I, I gave some tips to nail down your processes and really open up the floodgates to productivity.

Now, when you’re changing up your processes and (now) onboarding new clients, it’s easiest to do test runs on new prospects. The reason is simple. These new clients don’t know how you work, so you’re not changing anything up for them.

The key we do this is because: we don’t want to bring in new clients into a broken system.

The right processes saves a lot of time and money. One of my past guests, Stacy Kildal, was able to trim down her entire client thanks to the right processes mixed with a seamless onboarding experience.

Now, she has a waitlist to work with her!

She also finds clients are willing to pay more for her services.

Learn more at:

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No one is good at everything. As much as you might be in command of your core offering, chances are you can still benefit from a coach in certain aspects of your business.

I help accountants get the message out about the services they offer with structured, guaranteed practice development programs. My services are designed to help professional accountants who struggle with reaching their target audiences with sharp, meaningful, and relevant information.

Whether its, how to market and sell your firm's services, how to integrate financial planning into your tax practice, how to buy or sell a practice, or how to establish an online presence with social media and marketing automation, this is where I come in.

If you would like to discuss how you can future proof your firm and create the 21st Century accounting and tax firm let's talk!

Specialties: Marketing Accounting Services, Integrating Financial Planning Into a Tax Practice, Buying & Selling Accounting Practices, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training, Coaching & Digital Marketing Strategies

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Rob has forged a niche to be the world’s foremost authority on how Accounting firms can achieve peak performance.

Rob believes that Accountants are the natural trusted adviser to business. He believes that technology needs content and methodology to really be useful. He believes that Accountants are not that interested in the future they are interested in what they need to do NOW. He also believes that unless Accountants change their business model then a big part of their current revenue will go the way of the dinosaur.

Since 1994 he has been running businesses that specialise in helping Accountants run better, more profitable businesses. His speaking work has taken him around the world where he has spoken to in excess of 170,000 accountants. Currently his landmark strategies and products are used by accountants in over 30 countries.

In 2005 he created the revolutionary coaching model called coachingclub. The coachingclub model enabled firms to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas amongst their peers. The vast majority of firms have doubled or tripled profits because of the program.

He is the author of 2 bestselling books “Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up – why they don’t and what to do about it” AND “Remaining Relevant – the future of the Accounting profession”. Both have received rave reviews from Accountants and industry professionals from around the world.

In 2014 he released a groundbreaking cloud software solution called PANALITIX. Accountancy firms around the world use PANALITIX to get better numbers and delight their clients. Since then PANALITIX has developed marketing and sales software and an entire e-learning platform for Accountants.

PANALITIX helps Accountants build great businesses.

Rob is a keen golfer (single figures) and adventurer (he is ticket holder 293 on Virgin Galactic to go into space). He lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia with his lovely wife Natalie and 3 children.

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Clayton Oates is a Business Efficiency Specialist and Thought Leader in the Accounting Technology Industry, with more than 25 years experience in the Accounting, IT Consulting and Bookkeeping industries in Australia. He brings knowledge and passion to the cause of helping small business owners and operators, Accountants and Bookkeepers build stronger businesses, with systems that are simple and effective.

He is co-founder of QA Business, a specialist independent IT Consultancy practice focused on Small Business Efficiency. Since its inception, QA Business has set up and managed thousands of business systems throughout Australia, ranging from sole-trader home based businesses through to large corporations. QA Business specialises in implementing business software solutions that focus on business efficiency and work/life balance for the business owner by utilising software as a productivity tool within the businesses.

Clayton has also developed systems that improve the financial management process within a business and documenting systems that not only benefit the Business Owner, but provides an opportunity for the Bookkeeper and Accountant to provide greater value to the business.

Clayton is also a regular presenter at various Accounting / IT and Business Consulting events and over the past 15 years and has helped more than 20,000 businesses implement simple (and effective) systems to improve financial management and enhanced customer service levels.

Clayton talks from experience and operates his own business by using the practical solutions that he teaches his clients. Building QA Business from a small regional town on the NSW North Coast with a focus on systems and customer service has enabled him to enjoy a lifestyle which he truly believes is attainable by all. However perhaps his most important achievement to date is being happily married to my best friend and the proud dad of 5 fabulous humans.

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No one is good at everything. As much as you might be in command of your core offering, chances are you can still benefit from a coach in certain aspects of your business.

I help accountants get the message out about the services they offer with structured, guaranteed practice development programs. My services are designed to help professional accountants who struggle with reaching their target audiences with sharp, meaningful, and relevant information.

Whether its, how to market and sell your firm's services, how to integrate financial planning into your tax practice, how to buy or sell a practice, or how to establish an online presence with social media and marketing automation, this is where I come in.

If you need help to identify how you can future proof your firm and create the 21st Century accounting and tax firm please talk to me.

Specialties: Marketing Accounting Services, Integrating Financial Planning Into a Tax Practice, Buying & Selling Accounting Practices, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training, Coaching & Digital Marketing Strategies

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CEO and Founder - Woodard Consulting and Woodard Events - Intuit Premier Reseller, QuickBooks Consultants and Mid-Market Inventory Management Consultants - Atlanta Georgia

Host - "Scaling New Heights" - An Advanced Training Conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Host - Woodard Network - the world's largest independent professional network specifically designed for certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Contract Author and Instructor - Intuit, Inc.

Member - Intuit Writer/Trainer Network

Member - Intuit Premier Reseller Program

Host - Tech Makeover - a documentary show broadcast at

Host - Scaling New Heights Podcast

Specialties: Software consulting, channel development, event production, professional speaking and training

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I assist small business owners, bookkeepers and accountants to adapt to new cloud accounting software in Australia. Through this we'll help you save time, grow your business, improve your marketing and more importantly attain a work-life balance you enjoy.

In order to achieve your goals, you must be a leader and a believer. Your peers need to feel part of something real and exciting in order to succeed. Turning up to work is just not enough.

I believe in creating a positive environment that stimulates and motivates people. An environment that allows people to grow, develop and most importantly enjoy their work.

I am committed to:
- Continuous learning and development.
- Maintaining constant feedback channels.
- Enjoying myself and having fun.
- Succeeding.

I have extensive experience across the payments and ecommerce sector as well as the accounting and fintech industry. I've managed teams of up to 25 people at any one time across all of my roles.
I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow my personal brand.

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M.C. Johnson Enterprise LLC
We acquire lower mid market companies as well as value add partnerships looking to maximize long-term business results. Our ideal partners are founders and family businesses looking for exits due to retirement or other business opportunities. We also seek partnerships with entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to take their business to new levels and want to stay involved in their day to day operations but looking for help in managing the big picture.
We strive to create long term value instead of short term returns with strategic digital marketing, creative capital allocation, asset repurposing and evolved enterprise models.
Send us a message if you're looking to exit your company or are seeking a value add partnership.

United Business Leaders
We use data driven insight to create high ROI campaigns for forward thinking companies. Our primary business specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Instagram Campaign Management to drive business results.

Lead SEO Strategist Remarkable Digital
Assist Remarkable Digital with creating and implementing lead Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Co - Host of The Coders Startup Podcast
The Coders Startup Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. We discuss everything from marketing, finance and product development, to life challenges as an entrepreneur.

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As Founder and President of, I help small businesses use Cloud Technologies to get automated and go mobile. We are QuickBooks Online specialists and work with business owners to integrate their accounting with add-on apps from the "QBO" Ecosystem: online payroll & timesheets, bill pay, expense reports, document management and much more. We consult on building the best system for your needs, then act as your support team. Our automated bookkeeping service keeps your business updated behind the scenes, freeing YOU to run your business (and have a life). offers completely automated full service online payroll for businesses in over 20 states. You submit payroll, we do everything else. 100% guaranteed accurate tax calculations and online employee onboarding make it simple; our small business low cost plans make it affordable.

"I love technology" - Kip Dynamite

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After working in other companies and firms for 10 years I started a tax, accounting and consulting firm called Axiom CPA in 2005. The focus of that company was to help business owners identify where they want their business to go, plan strategically to get there and execute those plans on a weekly and monthly basis. We also spent a large amount of our time in traditional CPA firm services such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

In 2012 the tax and accounting firm clients were sold to another firm and Axiom Strategic Consulting narrowed its focus to strategic planning and execution. As a CPA I am more focused on the numbers than most consultants or coaches. The programs and strategies we devise with clients can always be traced to their impact on the bottom line. As a consultant my approaches and tools have been developed in the trenches alongside business owners and their teams.

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Carrie is a founding shareholder and President of The Whetstone Group, Inc. Since 2000 Whetstone has provided growth consulting services to hundreds of CPA firms, professional service firms, and companies in business-to-business markets nationwide. She has nearly 20 years of professional services marketing experience.

Carrie helps clients:

  • Determine how to best organize for growth and build a sustainable growth culture.
  • Develop comprehensive growth plans, providing ongoing support and consultation.
  • Establish accountability for business development and meet their revenue goals.
  • Implement follow-up strategies to help manage the sales process with prospective clients and maximize their ROI on marketing.


She is also a skilled trainer and provides group sales training as well as one-on-one coaching that enables attendees to better understand the sales cycle and develop the personal skills necessary to close sales. Firm leaders, practitioners, marketing professionals benefit from her knowledge and dynamic approach.

Before joining Whetstone, Carrie was an in-house marketing director in the national marketing office of RSM McGladrey, Inc.

Carrie has presented for the AICPA, the Association for Accounting Marketing's (AAM) Annual Summit, the Indiana CPA Society, DFK USA's Annual Growth Summit, Moore Stephens North America, MSI Global Alliance's International Managing Partner Conference, BKR's Annual Marketing Meeting, PKF North America and The International Group of Accounting Firms (IGAF). She has been published in the AAM's MarkeTrendsThe Journal of Accounting Marketing and the CPA Practice Management Forum.

Carrie is also a member of the CPA Consultants' Alliance (CPACA), a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to further leadership within the CPA profession. Through collaboration, the CPACA offers deliverables and solutions CPA firms can use to advance leadership in their firm. She has also served on the AAM's Board of Directors as well as Chair of AAM's Education Committee.

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Darren successfully created a highly efficient and effective CPA firm in Bloomington, Indiana. As a result of his successes in building and managing his CPA firm he has become a sought after speaker at many national conferences. Darren created an organization called RootWorks LLC to help other accounting firms around the country move their firms into what he calls the "Next Generation Accounting Firm". As a technology enthusiast, he likes all things that relate to technology. Darren recently authored The Intentional Accountant: Your Guide to Building A Next Generation Accounting Firm. Darren is the co-author of The E-Myth Accountant with famed author of The E-Myth Michael E Gerber and Youtility for Accountants with New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer. 

Over the next few years Darren plans on continuing to manage and grow his CPA Firm while working to grow and expand RootWorks to serve other accounting firms around the country.

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Sarah Johnson Dobek's Profile

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me! I am passionate about helping accounting firms, state CPA societies and vendors to the accounting profession grow. Through my experience as a former accounting firm marketing and hr director as well as through my role as an advisor to CPA firm leaders, I have learned that for firms to grow they have to do two things well- bring in new business while retaining current business AND they must retain the right talent. I am lucky enough to be in a position to help accounting firms do just this. 

I help our clients achieve their growth goals through a few key areas:

Marketing that drives growth
I work with local and regional firms around the country to help them develop and implement their roadmap to growth- a plan that aligns their growth goals with practical strategies to spur and maintain their growth. 

Social Media 
I help accounting firm use social media effectively and help them understand the value social media can bring to their organization. I also provide training and coaching on social media use and implementation, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs and more. We also help firm's determine how social media will be integrated into their marketing efforts or elevate their current efforts to drive more results.

Content Marketing
We work closely with firms to help them develop content marketing strategies or better leverage their existing content for improved results.

Author & Speaker 
I am a speaker and author on marketing topics, social media-including LinkedIn and Facebook, client service and retention, recruitment marketing and more. 

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Sandi Smith Leyva, CPA, CMA, MBA, and founder of Accountant’s Accelerator, has helped thousands of accountants earn more, work less, and serve their clients better through her innovative coaching and training services.

Sandi was named one of the Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2014 by CPA Practice Advisor, one of the 2013 “Ones to Watch” of Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” and was a 2013 Community Choice Honoree of the Small Business Influencer Awards held by Small Business Trends. She won a 2013 Stevie Award for “Maverick of the Year,” and her work has also been noted by CBS News, PBS, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Accounting Today, Journal of Accountancy, Today’s CPA, and The Practical Accountant. She is a regular contributor to CPA Trendlines.

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Randy Johnston is a nationally recognized educator, consultant, and writer with over 30 years experience in Strategic Technology Planning, Accounting Software Selection, Paperless, Systems and Network Integration, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Development and Management, Process Engineering and outsourced managed services.

In this interview, we help CPA Firm owners, accounting professioanls, and bookkeepers navigate the technological jungle of finding the right software for your firm or practice. 

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Ed Kless joined Sage in July of 2003 and is currently the senior director of partner development and strategy. He develops and delivers curriculum for Sage business partners on the art and practice of small business consulting including the Sage Consulting Academy, Business Strategy and Customer Experience Workshops. He also serves as the liaison to the Sage Leadership Association.

Prior to joining Sage, Ed worked with Tipping Point Advisors, an organization dedicated to the growth and development of software implementation partners. In 1996, he co-founded Third Wave Business Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner that grew to 20 team members and $5 million in revenue. At Third Wave, Ed developed the implementation methodology and led the CRM and ERP consulting teams.

Ed is a frequent contributor to industry publications, including the Journal of Accountancy, Harvard Business Review and, and has spoken at many conferences worldwide on project management, pricing, and knowledge workers. He is also active in the Information Technology Alliance (ITA). He lives north of Dallas with his wife and two children and ran for Texas State Senate in 2010 and 2012 as a Libertarian.

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Angie serves as President of The Rainmaker Companies and previously served as the Director of Consulting for The Rainmaker Companies for several years. 
Consistently named by Accounting Today Magazine as “one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” and listed as a 40 Under 40 in the Accounting Industry by CPA Practice Advisor, Grissom is a frequent presenter at national conferences, Angie is renowned for her influence in and passion for the industry. She brings all this to her role at The Rainmaker Companies, striving to share her proven knowledge and know-how to transform the lives of clients through consulting, coaching, training and developing accountability within accounting firms.

Prior to joining Rainmaker, Angie worked in organizational management, sales and human resources. She has served as the Vice President of the American Society of Women Accountants Music City chapter, and an active member of the CPACA Alliance for accounting industry consultants, the National Speaker’s Association and the Association for Accounting Marketing. She contributes to and authors practice management articles for trade journals including Accounting Today, CCH Practice Management Report and the CPA Leadership Report, as well as state society newsletters and other publications. Angie is the “She” in the regular published column in Accounting Today known as “He Said, She Said” which highlights and debates topics and issues in the accounting industry.

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Steve founded GrowthForce in 2004 in Kingwood, Texas with a desire to help small businesses grow. An innovator in the accounting industry, Steve has enabled small businesses to access systems, expertise and services typically available only to Fortune 500 companies.

His experience with system design, best practices and management services spans nearly three decades. As an entrepreneur himself, Steve has a passion for helping service businesses reach their growth potential. A highly energetic and motivational leader and speaker, Steve has built GrowthForce into the largest outsourced bookkeeping and controller service in Houston, and one of the largest in the United States with clients on every continent.


Show Keywords:








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