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"Don't want to pay taxes? Easy. Just stop making money."

This used to be my response to people complaining about taxes. Way, way back in the day before I knew the real real about how to leverage the Tax Code to build wealth and reduce your tax burden "at the same damn time".

Now, I know better. Now I know that the Tax Code has opportunities for tax reduction strategies all "up through there".

Now don't get me wrong - the easiest way to cut your tax bill is to stop making money. No money, no taxes. But there's a much better way to still make money and reduce (not eliminate) your tax burden.

After 12 tax seasons preparing income tax returns for everybody from low-income individuals to multi-billion dollar corporations, I’ve decided to switch gears and focus on teaching small business owners how to proactively reduce their tax burden with comprehensive tax planning.

As a Certified Tax Coach, I now help people keep more of their hard earned profits in their pockets and out of Uncle Sam’s hands using the same legitimate, proven tax strategies that "the big guys" use in their businesses.

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I help entrepreneurs produce epic results.

I do this by curating high-impact environments to learn, contribute and be held accountable to taking the actions that you say matter.

Communities I impact:

- Thought Leaders who still call themselves coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and facilitators.
- Bookkeepers that want to get free from the job they own.
- Business owners that want to become free and have the business they dreamed of from the beginning.

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In 20+ years working with people who run growing companies, I’ve documented how leaders’ roles need to change to meet the demands of a larger organization. This involves Leadership skills, Management techniques and Organizational structure.

CEO Boot Camp is a process to analyze about 35 different systems inside a company taking into account the maturity level of each system, it’s score against best practices, and ranking them based on whether they help or hinder the goals of the owners or investors.

For Companies and Divisions:
I bring the CEO Boot Camp on-site with a program adapted to your goals, stage of growth, and specific situation. I get input from employees then develop a customized approach based on your company objectives.

For Industry Groups and Conferences:
I bring a modified version of the CEO Boot Camp to your event as a keynote, break-out, half or all day session. The audience leaves with a greater understanding of the CEO function and a specific, personalized action plan to apply as soon as they leave the session.

For Economic Development Agencies, Co-Working, Accelerators & Incubators:
I bring a group workshop that meets every two weeks for four hours. In 5 sessions over 8 weeks, we cover most of the key systems growing companies need help with. We use case studies and examples from the group to move the companies forward. These workshops are best when the group is at a similar stage of growth: -Bootstrapped -Start-up -Scale up –Exit/Succession

Connect with me directly Since I'm on email more consistently. Free ebook at

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Summit CPA Group was founded with the goal of helping small businesses make proactive decisions. Our focus has been primarily on digital agencies. Unlike many CPA firms, our Virtual CFO program focuses primarily on the future, not in the past. What is our cash position looking like in two, three, and four months from now? What does our cash look like next week? How much of a cash reserve do we really need? What should our profit margin be and how do we get there? Do we have too much staff or not enough? Which customers or product lines are generating the most profit? These are just some of the questions we help the business owner answer. Our dedicated Virtual CFOs along with a team of accountants work with the business owners weekly to generate a game plan and then work hand in hand with the company to achieve victory. Give us a call at (260) 497-9761 or email me directly at to see if Summit CPA Group would be a good fit for you and your company. 

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