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In this episode of the Growing Your Firm podcast, host David Cristello welcomes John Seiffer, a seasoned business owner and remote CEO, to discuss the concept of Output Thinking and its application in team management.

John, a business coach and former president of the International Coach Federation, shares insights on how to make managing teams easier by focusing on visible, measurable outputs.

The conversation touches on culture, values, and attitudes in a unique way, offering valuable perspectives for the audience. Tune in to learn how Output Thinking can transform the way you lead your team and firm.

The listener will learn about the concepts of culture, values, and attitudes, and how to apply them to make managing a team easier. The importance of defining outputs for employees, creating processes, and investing in employee happiness will also be discussed.

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In this episode of Growing Your Firm, brought to you by Jetpack Workflow, host David Cristillo sits down with Tyler Winn, the founder and CEO of Cirrus Payroll.

Tyler shares his journey of falling into the payroll business in 2012 and subsequently building a seven-figure firm that specializes in processing payroll for small businesses.

Alongside running Cirrus Payroll, Tyler operates a coaching business for accountants called Payroll Profits (Formally, Winning with Payroll), where he debunks the myth that payroll services are inherently unprofitable and unpleasant to manage.

He discusses the benefits of separating payroll services from an existing accounting firm, which can lead to a symbiotic relationship between the two entities and provides opportunities for cross-marketing services. The episode aims to help accounting firms understand how they can grow by incorporating payroll services and leveraging them as a strategic tool for expansion.

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On this episode of Growing Your Firm, host David Cristello interviews Fred Tate, the Managing Director of CFO Shield. Fred discusses how CFO Shield takes a consultative approach to create tailored solutions for clients, offering fractional CFO services along with bookkeeping and payroll support.

Fred also emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting individual client needs, showcasing the unique approach of the firm. Tune in to learn more about how CFO Shield stands out in the industry and prioritizes client service.

You will learn about the importance of connecting people together to create an ecosystem, launching a CFO firm, as well as how CFO Shield tailors solutions to specific client needs and provides a variety of services including bookkeeping and payroll.

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