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★ Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, The New York Times, TEDx, Vistage, Inc. & Thrive Global ★

✔ Are you a driven and/or restless professional who wants to achieve without all the associated anxiety?
✔ Do you feel stuck in a pattern of behavior, leading you to ask yourself “Why do I keep doing that?”
✔ Are you a Financial Advisor, or an Executive in the Hospitality, Customer Service or the Manufacturing Industries?

I help driven and restless professionals and executives become more effective leaders by unveiling their blind spots and discovering why they keep making the same (bad) choices. How? By showing them how to improve their Judgment Quotient (JQ)® — and make choices that are aligned with their values and goals, instead of working against them.

"If you help them see it and feel it, they will fix it."

★ Want to Learn How ★
Please contact me at or 412-301-5123. For more information visit or

★ What Clients Say ★
“Krishna explained many hurdles in ways I could understand in order to better work with them. He put faces on these issues that I saw popping up in my life. Once I could SEE these issues and face them, look them in the eyes, I was able to recognize that these animals did not have to run my life.” Vivian Lee Croft

“Krishna’s disposition and clarity help the young managers find the right direction like Moses pointing to the promise land yet his approach feels like the gentle tug from a father’s kind words to a son. That’s a special gift in my opinion. I listen to the folks he is mentoring and hear a difference in their answers. It’s maturity I hear. That’s change worthy of investing in.” Jim Keene, Founder & CEO of KEENE Building

★ Specialties Include ★
✔The ABCDs of Judgment - Judgment Quotient (JQ)® ✔ Choice-making vs Decision-making ✔ Operating in the AlphaZone ✔ Playful Mindfulness ✔Raising Self-Awareness Beyond EQ ✔2 Days at a Time ✔EAT Well!

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Category:Accounting,accountant,CPA -- posted at: 5:00am EDT is one of the worlds leading time tracking softwares for remote teams.

We help companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high level of productivity.

Our goal: To help individuals and organizations to be more productive, to help stop people wasting time on distractions and instead finish what is important to them.

Remote workers can easily and quickly track their time so they remain productive, and business owners can relax knowing their team is being effective.

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As an accountant, tax advisor or accountant, do you also want to be relevant to your customers in the future? Do you want to continue to earn a good income without having to double your customer base? Then you have to add value that goes beyond putting the numbers in order: become a profit advisor!

As a financial expert, doing the accounting and taking care of the tax returns was the goal of your work. Thanks to automation, computers take more and more of the standard tasks.

With my team, I train accountants and accountants to Profit First Professional.

A Profit First Professional is:
• A Bookkeeper, Accountant or Business Coach who uses the Profit First method to guide his customers to a profitable (er) company.

What will it bring you?
• You attract high-quality clients with greater ease, who are happy to pay you well because you provide first-class services.
• You switch from an hourly invoice to a price structure in which you are paid for the value you provide so that you do not have to work as hard.
• You learn how to really help the customer become more profitable, instead of focusing on tax and accounting details.
• Gain more confidence and skills by anticipating your industry, achieving your own financial goals and helping customers really build a financially successful and profitable business!
• You build your own company so that you earn well with less effort and more fun.

I am the author of the bestseller Finance for freelancers and contributed to the Dutch edition of Profit First. I am the author of De Winstadviseur.

As a speaker I like to inspire the following target groups:
- Bookkeepers, accountants and tax advisers (Lecture: The Profit Advisor)
- Entrepreneurs (Lecture: Profit First)

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Driven to solve painful problems with smart, passionate, and empathetic people ||

Jetpack Workflow is used by thousands of accountants in 18+ countries to help them better manage their client work.

At Jetpack Workflow, we strive to live out our values of:

+ Leave it better than you found it.
+ Default to Action
+ Stay on Target
+ Serve with Humility

I have a background in (lean,cost effective, measurable, value driven) Marketing, specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.

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The Accountant Success Formula™ is the Path to Freedom.

This is the formula I developed in my own accounting practice and now share with accountants around the world.

If you are tired of:

      • The outdated model of trading dollars for hours
      • Working endless overtime
      • Working with unappreciative clients
      • Feeling frustrated that your hard work has unmatched rewards

...then this formula will liberate you.

It is a step-by-step system that outlines the exact strategies needed to make significantly higher profits, attract only the best clients and work far less hours so accountants can enjoy the time, freedom and lifestyle that they deserve.

This is NOT a magic pill or fluff!!!

This is a fresh and innovative approach that is based on solid, proven business strategies that maximizes your profits based on the real value you provide.......not on the quantity of hours you put in.

With the Accountant Success Formula™, I give you my step-by-step proven system delivered by videos, training and one-on-one coaching.

This system will change your accounting practice from a dollars-per-hour, transactional model to a value-based model, resulting in significantly greater profits, high-tier clients, far less work hours, greater respect and appreciation for the work you do, and the time and freedom to create the lifestyle you want.

If you want to learn more about the Accountant Success Formula™ or how I can help you discover a new and better way of doing business, then contact me at

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