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As an accountant, tax advisor or accountant, do you also want to be relevant to your customers in the future? Do you want to continue to earn a good income without having to double your customer base? Then you have to add value that goes beyond putting the numbers in order: become a profit advisor!

As a financial expert, doing the accounting and taking care of the tax returns was the goal of your work. Thanks to automation, computers take more and more of the standard tasks.

With my team, I train accountants and accountants to Profit First Professional.

A Profit First Professional is:
• A Bookkeeper, Accountant or Business Coach who uses the Profit First method to guide his customers to a profitable (er) company.

What will it bring you?
• You attract high-quality clients with greater ease, who are happy to pay you well because you provide first-class services.
• You switch from an hourly invoice to a price structure in which you are paid for the value you provide so that you do not have to work as hard.
• You learn how to really help the customer become more profitable, instead of focusing on tax and accounting details.
• Gain more confidence and skills by anticipating your industry, achieving your own financial goals and helping customers really build a financially successful and profitable business!
• You build your own company so that you earn well with less effort and more fun.

I am the author of the bestseller Finance for freelancers and contributed to the Dutch edition of Profit First. I am the author of De Winstadviseur.

As a speaker I like to inspire the following target groups:
- Bookkeepers, accountants and tax advisers (Lecture: The Profit Advisor)
- Entrepreneurs (Lecture: Profit First)

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