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As Founder and President of, I help small businesses use Cloud Technologies to get automated and go mobile. We are QuickBooks Online specialists and work with business owners to integrate their accounting with add-on apps from the "QBO" Ecosystem: online payroll & timesheets, bill pay, expense reports, document management and much more. We consult on building the best system for your needs, then act as your support team. Our automated bookkeeping service keeps your business updated behind the scenes, freeing YOU to run your business (and have a life). offers completely automated full service online payroll for businesses in over 20 states. You submit payroll, we do everything else. 100% guaranteed accurate tax calculations and online employee onboarding make it simple; our small business low cost plans make it affordable.

"I love technology" - Kip Dynamite

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After working in other companies and firms for 10 years I started a tax, accounting and consulting firm called Axiom CPA in 2005. The focus of that company was to help business owners identify where they want their business to go, plan strategically to get there and execute those plans on a weekly and monthly basis. We also spent a large amount of our time in traditional CPA firm services such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

In 2012 the tax and accounting firm clients were sold to another firm and Axiom Strategic Consulting narrowed its focus to strategic planning and execution. As a CPA I am more focused on the numbers than most consultants or coaches. The programs and strategies we devise with clients can always be traced to their impact on the bottom line. As a consultant my approaches and tools have been developed in the trenches alongside business owners and their teams.

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Thirty years as a multiple award-winning producer, director, writer, executive, and actor for most major TV networks and studios. My goal: position Cloudwalker Videoworks as the top supplier of network-quality, affordable, high-impact videos for websites, product, corporations, non-profits, local TV ads, and more. Looking to network with companies with which I have a natural synergy, such as marketing/branding and website firms, to create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Specialties: Directing, Producing, Writing, for TV, film, and stage.

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