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Attention Small & Medium Businesses and Accounting Firms!

I WOULD LOVE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO CLOUD FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY (CFT) to your accounting clients, your small or medium business, or your employees!
LOVE TO! Not like to, love to.
WHEN I EDUCATE PEOPLE about cloud accounting options, it's always rewarding. For me, for you, for your business and clients.
I AM FRIENDS with many great cloud programs and they are cool and fun. Granted it's fun in an accounting sort of way. Not an intro'ing people to a new craft beer kind of fun, but a "going to make your business run tickyity-boo" kind of fun.
CALMWATERS (aka me) wants to help you and your company learn more about what's out there, what it can do for SMBs and how it can help your accounting clients.
And then I WANT TO MAKE THE CONVERSION PROCESS for you and your business seamless and painless. I will educate all of you on how to get the most out of this great CloudFinTech. I know what programs help with all varieties of small/medium business accounting needs. I know how to implement and use these programs. And I love to impart that knowledge.
Of implementation, of conversion, of fear of new ways of accounting, f finding the time and energy to transition businesses, of those first few weeks of using the new programs.
CALMWATERS knows the beauty and the limitations of CloudFinTech. I won't convert a file if it's not going suit a client. I will be upfront about who isn't going to have a good experience with CFT. And I will let you know who should get on with it now, like NOW.
I understand each program's limitations and best fits.
I will impart best practices to make the experience smooth.
I know the tricks and tips.
I know how these programs get along with each other and why you will love apps with accounting programs.

So GET ON WITH IT. Call or email me and let's talk about CloudFinTech.

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Managing Director of Advisory Services at WithumSmith+Brown. Frequent speaker on everything technology! Author of many articles related to CPA Firm technologies. Member of AICPA. Member of NJSCPA. Past member of AICPA Coucil and AICPA Board of Directors. Past Chair of the AICPA Tech+ Conference and AICPA CITP Credential Committee. Current Chair of AICPA ENGAGE. Past President of the NJSCPA. Licensed CPA in NJ, NY and NC.

Specialties: CITP, CPA, CFF, Technology, Internal Technology, IT, CGMA, IFRS, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3

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