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Chandler is the author of 6 bestselling books including “Book Launch” and his most recent book titled “Published.”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, training videos, and Self Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book.

Chandler was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. While his friends were off searching for jobs, he was out starting businesses.

He began early (age 11) by selling his personal snacks at scout camp and, by age 17 he hired his friends to help him operate his landscaping business that earned him $10,000 for college. All in all, by age 20 he started and ran over $320,000 in businesses.

During this time, he taught other college students to run their own successful businesses and received the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award from Young Entrepreneurs Across America.

Now he's scaling Self Publishing School, a company he's built from 0 to $7M in 3 years. In 2018, Self Publishing School hit #2,699 on the INC 5000 as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America. The best is yet to come!

P.S. watch my TEDx talk HERE:

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I am a professional leader who has high integrity and a passion for Shopify and Amazon e-commerce businesses. Using my many years of experience I have partnered with Connie Smith to create Financly Business Solutions offering cloud based bookkeeping and business development solutions for small to mid sized e-commerce businesses.

E-Commerce bookkeeping is hard! We are on a mission to help make it easier for online sellers and the accounting professionals that love them!

Let us tell you how we can streamline your processes and allow you access to your business information from your phone, tablet or computer. Today's business owners are busier than ever and we want to help you the business owner focus on your passions. Let us take away the day to day logging, tracking and reporting that every business must do. We want to be your Trusted Advisor and help you succeed and grow your e-commerce business.

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A software developer with several years of experience in consulting and product development for the energy industry. After a brief stint in the Bay Area, I'm back in the energy capital of the world and looking to make it a lot more green!

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►►► Do you sometimes feel like your business is an adult daycare centre? Are you constantly repeating yourself, fixing errors and trying to hold things together? What if it were possible to create a business that runs itself?

If you're anything like many seasoned business owners, you've tried and failed to systemise your business. The reality is, your shiny business isn't as functional as it looks from the outside; it's unorganised, inconsistent and key-person dependent.

The good news is, I can help.

I run a company called SYSTEMology and we have developed a proven, step-by-step business systemisation framework – designed so that even the busiest business owner can deploy it.

Quite literally, SYSTEMology is the system for systemising your business.

Imagine, your business running like a finely oiled machine where your team members follow the systems and deliver your products and services to a high standard. It’s easier than you think.

We’ve already helped hundreds of business owners like you - so let’s see if it’s a good fit for you:

And here's a short bio on myself :)

David’s entrepreneurial journey begins back in his early 20’s when he sold Australia’s most love sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Since then, his business experience spans from franchising retail clothing stores, to founding one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies,

In 2016, he successfully systemised himself out of the business, hired a CEO and stepped back from the daily operations. Through this process he become a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business.

Recognised as a high achieving entrepreneur, you will find many of David’s keynote presentations on YouTube including: TEDx, WordCamp and Problogger.


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