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In 20+ years working with people who run growing companies, I’ve documented how leaders’ roles need to change to meet the demands of a larger organization. This involves Leadership skills, Management techniques and Organizational structure.

CEO Boot Camp is a process to analyze about 35 different systems inside a company taking into account the maturity level of each system, it’s score against best practices, and ranking them based on whether they help or hinder the goals of the owners or investors.

For Companies and Divisions:
I bring the CEO Boot Camp on-site with a program adapted to your goals, stage of growth, and specific situation. I get input from employees then develop a customized approach based on your company objectives.

For Industry Groups and Conferences:
I bring a modified version of the CEO Boot Camp to your event as a keynote, break-out, half or all day session. The audience leaves with a greater understanding of the CEO function and a specific, personalized action plan to apply as soon as they leave the session.

For Economic Development Agencies, Co-Working, Accelerators & Incubators:
I bring a group workshop that meets every two weeks for four hours. In 5 sessions over 8 weeks, we cover most of the key systems growing companies need help with. We use case studies and examples from the group to move the companies forward. These workshops are best when the group is at a similar stage of growth: -Bootstrapped -Start-up -Scale up –Exit/Succession

Connect with me directly Since I'm on email more consistently. Free ebook at

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A behavioral psychologist by training,an entrepreneur by nature,and a mentor by choice,Lee has a career that has taken him from a cushy perch as a nationally known researcher and author into the rough and tumble world of business start-ups and finally to a place where he can focus on the parts he loves best.

A natural strategist ,teacher and expert in high growth firms Lee loves to solve complicated business and marketing problems and help increase the impact of that most maligned character of all...the CEO.

Author,researcher,strategist,consultant,producer,teacher or coach are all roles that fit well.

Specialties: Strategy,marketing and branding for professional services firms.I'm especially interested in the challenges of accelerating and managing growth.

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Hi! I’m Ryan Lazanis. I’m a CPA by trade but definitely don’t consider myself a normal accountant. I identify more with being an entrepreneur and I love innovative technologies and disruptive business models. What I’m really passionate about is helping to modernize the old, archaic, traditional accounting firm model. After spending many years in public practice at a small CPA firm, I decided to start Xen Accounting in 2013. The firm was one of the first of its kind in Canada. 100% online, totally paperless, fully cloud-based & leveraging the latest technology to automate processes for the firm and its clients. The firm was comprised of a team of geeky CPA’s, bookkeepers and technologists. We looked at what millennials (employees and clients alike) hated from the traditional accounting firm and turned that on its head to offer a new service in the country.

After 5 short years, Xen Accounting was acquired by Equiom, an international corporate services firm, thanks in part to the tech-oriented, scalable model that had been created. On a personal level, in those 5 years, I also learned a heck of a lot about starting, crafting and running a modern, automated, online accounting firm that provided customers with an exceptional customer and experience and team members with a modern work environment.

Future Firm is an extension of my experience in the world of modern, technology-driven, forward-thinking accounting. With Future Firm, my aim is to help firms think about the future of their firm and to help them adopt a model that’s more geared towards the digital age. Something that’s more automated, more virtual, one that takes into account changing client expectations, is more visible online and caters to the upcoming millennial and Gen Z generations.

I also like writing & speaking on the subject of technology & accounting. I’ve been a writer for Techvibes, featured in international publications and have spoken at various events around the world.

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