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What is The Largo Group? In musical terms Largo means methodical. The vision for our company is to offer a methodical approach to accounting and tax services so that the business owner has the key information they need in real time.

The Largo Group was founded by Anne Gannon, CPA in 2016. Anne has 15+ years experience and began her career as a CPA with a big-five accounting firm in Boston, MA where she quickly realized the only winner in the 'busy season' approach was the accounting firm.

As the daughter of a life-long entrepreneur, Anne knew her dream was to make a difference in the accounting world. Anne started her quest to be different from scratch while at home with two small children and also teaching accounting at the collegiate level. To say those days were interesting would be an understatement!

Working as an Instructor of Accounting teaching upper-level accounting and finance courses at Florida Atlantic University and Eastern Florida State College reinforced the fact that most business owners have never been given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of accounting. And yet, in order to be successful, all business owners need to know accounting fundamentals.

While teaching during the day, Anne began to experiment with how finances could be better explained to business owners. Starting with a handful of small business clients, she began to develop The Largo Group Signature Monthly report, and experimented with the key information these business owners needed to be successful.

The Core Principles of The Largo Group Vision:

Flat fee approach
Financial Analysis Included
Above-and-beyond customer service
Education and Guidance
In the last five years the Largo Group has continued to provide this innovative approach to businesses across the U.S.

Eventhough our team has grown, Anne continues to push The Largo Group to provide the highest level of service and build long-term relationships with our clients.

The Largo Group is truly The Evolution of Monthly Accounting, and we look forward to working with you on your accounting needs.

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