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Both solo and partner CPAs are burnt out and fried from a killer tax season.
They are desperate to get their time back, but do not know how. CPAs who work with me get their time back AND make more money. Most 8x their investment in the first 12 weeks, while cutting their client load.

Fewer clients, greater income.
Here's how:

✅ Shift from hourly to value-based fees

✅ Specialize inside a vertical to increase expertise and stand out from the crowd

✅ Create their Signature Framework to get better and more consistent results over time

✅ Build expertise in a narrow field to become an authority

Many CPAs bring on new clients at double their rate, or get a vCFO clients inside 12 weeks as a result of working together.

When CPAs make this shift, both the CPA *and their client* do better, with increased profitability and enhanced results for both.

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