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Sales is about relationships, and relationships are the new currency.

Selling isn’t about pushing. Or pulling. Success in sales is the result of connecting with authenticity, coupled a willingness to care more about your client than yourself and expertise in your products and/or services.

Sales is my “zone of genius.”

That wasn’t always the case. Like many people, I am an introvert. So, the thought of traditional “selling” used to make me uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.

And since my first job out of college involved sales, I needed to find a way to not only “not mind” sales, but also to get really, really good at it – and to enjoy it.

Now, thinking about sales makes my heart go pitter-patter … and not in a chest-clutching, fearful death grip that so many people feel. Instead, there’s a feeling of excitement – because I’ve developed a set of skills that has taken me further than I ever imagined at the beginning of my career.

Today, solopreneurs, business owners, and large corporations hire me to build and/or refine the skills and mindset needed to sell successfully.

No icky cold-calling. No creepy manipulation. No robotic scripts. Whether you’re a subdued introvert or an exuberant extrovert, I can you help build a foundation of skills – and a mindset – that create sales success without feeling pushy or “salesy, and without fear of rejection.


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If you’re not getting the sales you need or are feeling overwhelmed, I can help. I’m a sales strategist and coach, a speaker, a podcast contributor, and an author. Helping people just like you is what I do!

Hop over to my website (, or send an email to so we can connect. I look forward to hearing your challenges, and to helping you create sales success in your business.


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