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In this episode of Growing Your Firm, host David Cristello interviews Trina Rozen, owner of Trina Rozen CPA. They discuss various topics, including unique ways Trina has structured her firm, pricing strategies, making tax prep profitable, and her opinions on the coaching community. Trina shares insights on dealing with challenging clients and finding success as a solo practitioner in South Pasadena, California. Tune in for an entertaining and informative conversation.

In this episode, we talk about Trina‚Äôs experiences with tax preparation and running her firm. But we also dive into some of the following topics: 

  • The benefits of offering 1040 tax services as a CPA

  • Her approach to managing workload during tax season

  • The importance of having a well-organized workflow process

  • Dealing with weird returns and customer service challenges

  • Acquiring and integrating firms 

  • Considerations when buying CPA firms

  • Using Jetpack for technology workflow

  • Challenges of tax season and client organization

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