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I founded Automated Accounting Services (AAS) to provide small-business owners an outsourced bookkeeping and payroll solution and to provide advisory services. My firm is cloud based which allows my clients to access their financial data virtually anywhere and I provide them insight to keep their business running successfully.

We’re involved, engaged and devoted to a client-experience that revolves around meeting small-business goals with technology based financial solutions.

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Our passion is creating calm & clarity for business owners & their finances. We know you didn't get into business to do bookkeeping but we did!

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Attention Small & Medium Businesses and Accounting Firms!

I WOULD LOVE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO CLOUD FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY (CFT) to your accounting clients, your small or medium business, or your employees!
LOVE TO! Not like to, love to.
WHEN I EDUCATE PEOPLE about cloud accounting options, it's always rewarding. For me, for you, for your business and clients.
I AM FRIENDS with many great cloud programs and they are cool and fun. Granted it's fun in an accounting sort of way. Not an intro'ing people to a new craft beer kind of fun, but a "going to make your business run tickyity-boo" kind of fun.
CALMWATERS (aka me) wants to help you and your company learn more about what's out there, what it can do for SMBs and how it can help your accounting clients.
And then I WANT TO MAKE THE CONVERSION PROCESS for you and your business seamless and painless. I will educate all of you on how to get the most out of this great CloudFinTech. I know what programs help with all varieties of small/medium business accounting needs. I know how to implement and use these programs. And I love to impart that knowledge.
Of implementation, of conversion, of fear of new ways of accounting, f finding the time and energy to transition businesses, of those first few weeks of using the new programs.
CALMWATERS knows the beauty and the limitations of CloudFinTech. I won't convert a file if it's not going suit a client. I will be upfront about who isn't going to have a good experience with CFT. And I will let you know who should get on with it now, like NOW.
I understand each program's limitations and best fits.
I will impart best practices to make the experience smooth.
I know the tricks and tips.
I know how these programs get along with each other and why you will love apps with accounting programs.

So GET ON WITH IT. Call or email me and let's talk about CloudFinTech.

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Managing Director of Advisory Services at WithumSmith+Brown. Frequent speaker on everything technology! Author of many articles related to CPA Firm technologies. Member of AICPA. Member of NJSCPA. Past member of AICPA Coucil and AICPA Board of Directors. Past Chair of the AICPA Tech+ Conference and AICPA CITP Credential Committee. Current Chair of AICPA ENGAGE. Past President of the NJSCPA. Licensed CPA in NJ, NY and NC.

Specialties: CITP, CPA, CFF, Technology, Internal Technology, IT, CGMA, IFRS, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3

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CPA with 18 plus years experience in helping businesses and individuals in a variety of capacities from tax and accounting compliance to overall business advisory services for small to medium size businesses.

Clients include businesses in construction, food service, IT Consulting, manufacturing, medical, real estate. and retail.

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For years, I've taught CPAs how to double their income in 12 months using advanced tax reduction strategies. We focus on saving affluent business owners more money and they love working with Certified Tax Planners. Through the nonprofit org, the AICTP, we’ve licensed over 600 tax pros & most have more than doubled profits by using these skills.
Are You A CPA Or Enrolled Agent Who:
✪ Wants to deliver the most value & service to clients?
✪ Is ready to take your business to the next level & leave the status quo?
✪ Is willing to learn a new way of working that creates more free time?
✪ Is ready to increase your profits without increasing your workload?
I’ve helped hundreds of our members save their clients millions and earn thousands per hour by doing business a different way.
As a CPA myself, I know how HARD it is make worthwhile income. It’s time to STOP Working Hard & Start Working SMART.
At AICTPC, we provide hands-on training, proven systems, tools, support, and the Certified Tax Planner (CTP) designation. When graduates achieve their tax planning credential, the designation conveys their unique expertise in tax planning.
☞Message Me To Learn More!
Email me:

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I own a CPA firm working virtually, and focused on various vertical niches, such as design, web, agency niches, and Crossfit Box owners. I facilitate transformation in people's firms, agencies, and companies.

I also consult with CPA firms that are looking to grow, change, and build teams.

I do regular business coaching with my clients, and perform live onsite retreats as well.

I speak and write too.

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Work Smarter, Make More Money, & Take More Quality Time Off with Chuck Bauer’s business consulting and sales training!

Companies and businesses from a variety of industries benefit from his business consulting, sales management consulting, individual sales coaching & sales tune ups drawn from over 3000+ LIVE sales training experiences. He has personally coached on 1000s of transactional/non-transactional sales processes all the way up to multi-million dollar international sales deals.

Utilize his experience to GET INSTANT RESULTS for your business, sales team, or company! Call 855-740-SELL or email Chuck at

Chuck is a highly sought after Speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. His information is widely published in many print and internet-based publications. A licensed instrument-rated private pilot, certified open water scuba diver, disciplined body builder, and Bikram yoga practitioner, Chuck lives in Dallas, Texas.

Business Consulting
Business Seminars
Sales Seminars
Sales Coaching
Sales Management Consulting
LIVE Sales Tune Ups
Sales Mastery - Published by Wiley

Professional Affiliations:

IIAT - Independent Insurance Agents of Texas
PASBA - Professional Association of Small Business Accountants
CFG - Collective Financial Group
NTRCA - North Texas Roofing & Contractors Association

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Roger Knecht is President of Universal Accounting Center. Since 1979 they’ve worked to help accounting professionals excel in their careers. As a post-secondary school they’ve trained and certified individuals in accounting, bookkeeping, tax and consultative skills to help them get paid what they are worth.

Helping accounting professionals have the premier accounting service in their area offering quality value added services with confidence and competence.

Roger is a strategic business development leader helping business owners establish short & long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies to increase sales, improve profits and build the value of the business. He enjoys working with business owners to increase the financial value of the company using proven strategies, processes and procedures to:
* Engage & Manifest – Becoming the leader the business needs
* Understand Accounting - Timely information to intelligently run the business
* Increase Sales - Follow a proven sales process
* Improve Profit - Nine Principles for Profitability putting Profit First
* Build the Value of the Business - 8 Key Drivers in Business

Business Coach

Professional Speaker & Trainer

Additionally working to help accounting professionals become Profit & Growth Experts for their employers and business clients as certified professionals & value builder providers.

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Bookkeeper specializing in QuickBooks Online with over 10 years experience. Strong focus on creating processes & systems! I specialize in creating a process that will make the financial side of your business less intimidating. Using technology to streamline process and save time is what we do best!

We cater to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Services include (but are not limited to) all aspects of virtual bookkeeping including Accounts Payable/Receivables, budgeting, payroll, app integration, and bank reconciliations. We offer QuickBooks consulting, maintenance/setup, cleanup, and more.

Advanced Certified in QuickBooks Online
Core Certified QuickBooks Pro
Veem Multi-National Partner
TSheets Certified
HubDoc Certified
Gusto Bronze Partner
ReceiptBank Partner

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Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTC is President and Founder of Meyer Tax Consulting LLC, in Southlake, Texas. Her team works with executives on strategic tax planning. With her team working completely virtual across the state of Texas, the firm stays on the cutting edge of technology working closely with industry leaders on innovative products and offerings.

Jackie began her career in finance while obtaining a BS in Finance at UT Arlington. After realizing a zeal for taxes, she began working at Deloitte Tax while pursuing a MSA at Southern Methodist University. Her passion to combine technology with unparalleled client service came to light at age 27 as one of the youngest female CPA firm owners. At the same time, Jackie became a best practice consultant at conferences and accounting firms across the nation.

Wanting to harvest drive and opportunity for others, she works with local nonprofits to mentor those less fortunate in their education, career, and business ventures. Jackie also has two young children and and loving husband, Mark, with whom she attends Gateway church and explores other cultures and the world with.

Specialties include concierge CPA services for family offices, entity planning and selection, IRS representation, Multi-State investments, TX Margin Tax, and Oil & Gas accounting. She has a passion for taxes and educating the public on their rights. Going green with latest technologies and a paperless office, our clients range from Dallas locals to international remote businesses.

Request a complimentary consultation on our website, e-mailing, or calling 888-272-1258.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 - Futuristic, Achiever, Learner, Input, and Focus

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We help CPA firms by providing them payment options that their clients want via an Online Payment Portal – that was Built by CPAs for CPAs”, We provide your clients the payment method of their Choice. Our options are a win for the client and win for the firm as we make sure the firm gets paid quickly.

I’ve always thrived in opportunities that offer multi-dimensional aspects of the job in an environment that lets me be a team-oriented, passionate, hands-on coach and leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who drives and delivers exceptional results.

But maintaining the status quo is not in my business DNA. I’m a manager who isn’t satisfied with average. In today’s highly competitive environment, evaluating existing situations and creating new approaches to promote continuous growth means being the point man for new and changing initiatives, taking a calculated risk.

Business acumen and a talent for insightful analysis used to identify key sales metrics, define and measure the sales process to develop benchmarks for growth and drive the organization forward are essential qualities I bring to the table.

I know the importance of cultivating beneficial business relationships and have created strong connections with partners in the CPA, financial sector, government, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Providing leadership through innovation and leveraging the potential of a direct sales force, offering a competitive sales compensation structure, and attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent are essential to keeping a sharp competitive edge and positioning the company for sustained financial health and longevity.

I am open to sharing ideas with successful other thought leaders. Let's Connect.

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Is keeping track of the financial stuff stressing you out and interfering with your productivity? Let me help.

I offer:
- Bookkeeping services using QuickBooks Online
- QuickBooks Online training
- QuickBooks Online Setup
- Books Review
- Catch up bookkeeping
- QuickBooks Online cleanup

I work best with:
Small service-based businesses, freelancers, and sole proprietors using QuickBooks Online.

Do you want to work with a highly qualified, trusted, and dedicated professional? I treat your business the same way I treat mine.

Let's chat. If you aren't satisfied with your current bookkeeper or you don't have anyone helping you right now, schedule a free discovery session at

Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

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Full service contract accounting services. Specialize in:

1. Assisting start up companies with their administrative and accounting functions
2. Reconciling accounting records that have been neglected or erroneously recorded
3. Full review of accounting records to determine areas of concern, internal control weaknesses, or possible efficiencies not being utilized

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Accountants, tax pros, bookkeepers and finance consultants - in my opinion - are heroes. They can read stories from numbers and create a positive outcome.

Small business owners today - be it online or offline - do not like the "numbers" side of things. They like making money though.

Which leaves a gap for the business owner and an opportunity for the finance expert.

The question I ask is this:

"How can you help transform your clients business by going beyond the compliance work?"

We all have a different skill set and outcome. For me it was with financial modelling, with you it could be different. But... it's our DUTY to add this value where we can.

I Help Accountants & Tax Experts Create, Sell & Automate irresistible Consulting and Advisory Services


*Helped clients general multiple six figures by leveraging social media
*Created online businesses for himself and clients.
*Started a results-based marketing company which generates multiple 6-figures. I left to pursue

I use my online marketing mastery to serve one mission:

Help spread the true value of financially gifted individuals to create HUGE impacts in small & medium sized businesses


The Automatic Firm: How To Scale Your Accounting Or Tax Firm Into A “One Product” 7-Figure Business Without Working 50 - 80/hr Work Weeks.

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Owner at LWS Tax & Accounting Services
Springfield, Ohio

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Expertise In QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online,, SOS Inventory, Receipt Bank, Expensify, and Tsheets. Selected to the Top 100 Pro-Advisors, top 10 of 2015 by Insightful Accountant, Top 100 ProAdvisor of 2016 and 2017 by Intuitive Accountant

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Hector M. Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Trainer for Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC. He has over 10 years of experience working with small business finance and accounting, along with 3 Post-graduate degrees from Florida International University (FIU) in Accounting, Finance and Taxation.

Certified QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor (Desktop and Online)
Bilingual: Español

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I am owner of Satterley Training & Consulting LLC, a firm dedicated to helping accounting professionals gain the skills and confidence to explore and adopt new accounting technology.

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Developer/Strategist/Entrepreneur delivering intentional solutions for success!

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My personal mission is to help CPAs and small businesses to leverage technology for their success.

Once a practicing CPA I discovered a passion for technology. After years of churning out tax returns and completing audits I discovered my Hedgehog (see Jim Collin’s, Good to Great) and decided to marry my passions for the accounting industry and technology.

I am honored to be recognized as an industry leader on technology topics impacting CPA’s. This allows me the opportunity to be a speaker at industry conferences around the country. I embrace these opportunities to educate CPA’s on a wide variety of technology topics such as, cloud computing, Microsoft updates and many other topics.

During my journey I have made a number of important stops. Notably, as a member of the Maryland Association of CPA’s Board of Directors and ultimately Chairman of the Board. I have also participated at a variety of levels with the American Institute of CPA’s. I am a regular presenter for state and national conferences, discussing technology and leadership topics for CPAs.

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Karen Reyburn is a creative-minded individual who specialises in online marketing for accountancy firms. A former accountant (and a Certified Public Accountant in the States), Karen now assists accountancy firms with understanding and using online marketing to get more leads.

Karen is the managing director of The Profitable Firm, a creative agency working exclusively with accountants. She and her team work with accountants all over the world, helping them understand the principles of content marketing strategy and most importantly helping them see their marketing delivered on a regular basis.

Karen is a highly-sought after speaker on topics such as digital marketing, social media, SEO, and content marketing for accountants. She regularly delivers presentations for Xero, ICAEW, AccountingWeb, and more.

A dual British-American citizen, Karen's past careers include working with a Glasgow-based accountancy firm, setting up and maintaining a separate consultancy division for this firm. She instigated monthly business workshops, training and facilitating business owners in marketing, strategy, and profitability.

When she's got a few minutes to spare, Karen puts her creative skills to use in photography (weddings, landscape, and city photography), sketchnoting, writing, and any other artistic skill she takes a fancy to that month.

Specialties: website design, content marketing, email marketing, blogging, social media, marketing plans, content marketing strategy, webinar delivery, presenting, content writing, accounting, landscape photography

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Co-founder of Business Success Consulting Group, started off as a teacher actually. After finding her love for helping small-to-medium-sized business owners grow their business, she dove headfirst into consulting.

For years she learned as VP at a consulting company. Then, when she was ready, in 2011 she hung out her shingle co-founding Business Success Consulting Group.

Where she really focuses on inside a business is the processes and management systems of the business. This means she's looking at every process in your business from soup-to-nuts. That's whether we're talking about: business development, tax return workflow, efficiency of staff, growing pains, etc.

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In this special episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, I discuss:

  • How to onboard new clients to set you up for future success
  • Steps to make sure each client doesn’t become a headache later
  • The art of setting expectations with your fresh, new client

Why Having Steps to Properly Onboard New Clients is as Critical Than Ever


I hammered home in Part I of this special series that before you begin scouring the city for new clients, you must have processes in place for efficiency purposes. Nothing cripples the growth of an accounting firm more than faulty processes.

Remember, the worst your process is, the less clients you can take, the more staff you must hire. Loss of revenues, increase in cost. That’s not what we’re looking for. In Part I, I gave some tips to nail down your processes and really open up the floodgates to productivity.

Now, when you’re changing up your processes and (now) onboarding new clients, it’s easiest to do test runs on new prospects. The reason is simple. These new clients don’t know how you work, so you’re not changing anything up for them.

The key we do this is because: we don’t want to bring in new clients into a broken system.

The right processes saves a lot of time and money. One of my past guests, Stacy Kildal, was able to trim down her entire client thanks to the right processes mixed with a seamless onboarding experience.

Now, she has a waitlist to work with her!

She also finds clients are willing to pay more for her services.

Learn more at:

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No one is good at everything. As much as you might be in command of your core offering, chances are you can still benefit from a coach in certain aspects of your business.

I help accountants get the message out about the services they offer with structured, guaranteed practice development programs. My services are designed to help professional accountants who struggle with reaching their target audiences with sharp, meaningful, and relevant information.

Whether its, how to market and sell your firm's services, how to integrate financial planning into your tax practice, how to buy or sell a practice, or how to establish an online presence with social media and marketing automation, this is where I come in.

If you would like to discuss how you can future proof your firm and create the 21st Century accounting and tax firm let's talk!

Specialties: Marketing Accounting Services, Integrating Financial Planning Into a Tax Practice, Buying & Selling Accounting Practices, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training, Coaching & Digital Marketing Strategies

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Rob has forged a niche to be the world’s foremost authority on how Accounting firms can achieve peak performance.

Rob believes that Accountants are the natural trusted adviser to business. He believes that technology needs content and methodology to really be useful. He believes that Accountants are not that interested in the future they are interested in what they need to do NOW. He also believes that unless Accountants change their business model then a big part of their current revenue will go the way of the dinosaur.

Since 1994 he has been running businesses that specialise in helping Accountants run better, more profitable businesses. His speaking work has taken him around the world where he has spoken to in excess of 170,000 accountants. Currently his landmark strategies and products are used by accountants in over 30 countries.

In 2005 he created the revolutionary coaching model called coachingclub. The coachingclub model enabled firms to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas amongst their peers. The vast majority of firms have doubled or tripled profits because of the program.

He is the author of 2 bestselling books “Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up – why they don’t and what to do about it” AND “Remaining Relevant – the future of the Accounting profession”. Both have received rave reviews from Accountants and industry professionals from around the world.

In 2014 he released a groundbreaking cloud software solution called PANALITIX. Accountancy firms around the world use PANALITIX to get better numbers and delight their clients. Since then PANALITIX has developed marketing and sales software and an entire e-learning platform for Accountants.

PANALITIX helps Accountants build great businesses.

Rob is a keen golfer (single figures) and adventurer (he is ticket holder 293 on Virgin Galactic to go into space). He lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia with his lovely wife Natalie and 3 children.

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Clayton Oates is a Business Efficiency Specialist and Thought Leader in the Accounting Technology Industry, with more than 25 years experience in the Accounting, IT Consulting and Bookkeeping industries in Australia. He brings knowledge and passion to the cause of helping small business owners and operators, Accountants and Bookkeepers build stronger businesses, with systems that are simple and effective.

He is co-founder of QA Business, a specialist independent IT Consultancy practice focused on Small Business Efficiency. Since its inception, QA Business has set up and managed thousands of business systems throughout Australia, ranging from sole-trader home based businesses through to large corporations. QA Business specialises in implementing business software solutions that focus on business efficiency and work/life balance for the business owner by utilising software as a productivity tool within the businesses.

Clayton has also developed systems that improve the financial management process within a business and documenting systems that not only benefit the Business Owner, but provides an opportunity for the Bookkeeper and Accountant to provide greater value to the business.

Clayton is also a regular presenter at various Accounting / IT and Business Consulting events and over the past 15 years and has helped more than 20,000 businesses implement simple (and effective) systems to improve financial management and enhanced customer service levels.

Clayton talks from experience and operates his own business by using the practical solutions that he teaches his clients. Building QA Business from a small regional town on the NSW North Coast with a focus on systems and customer service has enabled him to enjoy a lifestyle which he truly believes is attainable by all. However perhaps his most important achievement to date is being happily married to my best friend and the proud dad of 5 fabulous humans.

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No one is good at everything. As much as you might be in command of your core offering, chances are you can still benefit from a coach in certain aspects of your business.

I help accountants get the message out about the services they offer with structured, guaranteed practice development programs. My services are designed to help professional accountants who struggle with reaching their target audiences with sharp, meaningful, and relevant information.

Whether its, how to market and sell your firm's services, how to integrate financial planning into your tax practice, how to buy or sell a practice, or how to establish an online presence with social media and marketing automation, this is where I come in.

If you need help to identify how you can future proof your firm and create the 21st Century accounting and tax firm please talk to me.

Specialties: Marketing Accounting Services, Integrating Financial Planning Into a Tax Practice, Buying & Selling Accounting Practices, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training, Coaching & Digital Marketing Strategies

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CEO and Founder - Woodard Consulting and Woodard Events - Intuit Premier Reseller, QuickBooks Consultants and Mid-Market Inventory Management Consultants - Atlanta Georgia

Host - "Scaling New Heights" - An Advanced Training Conference for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Host - Woodard Network - the world's largest independent professional network specifically designed for certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Contract Author and Instructor - Intuit, Inc.

Member - Intuit Writer/Trainer Network

Member - Intuit Premier Reseller Program

Host - Tech Makeover - a documentary show broadcast at

Host - Scaling New Heights Podcast

Specialties: Software consulting, channel development, event production, professional speaking and training

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I assist small business owners, bookkeepers and accountants to adapt to new cloud accounting software in Australia. Through this we'll help you save time, grow your business, improve your marketing and more importantly attain a work-life balance you enjoy.

In order to achieve your goals, you must be a leader and a believer. Your peers need to feel part of something real and exciting in order to succeed. Turning up to work is just not enough.

I believe in creating a positive environment that stimulates and motivates people. An environment that allows people to grow, develop and most importantly enjoy their work.

I am committed to:
- Continuous learning and development.
- Maintaining constant feedback channels.
- Enjoying myself and having fun.
- Succeeding.

I have extensive experience across the payments and ecommerce sector as well as the accounting and fintech industry. I've managed teams of up to 25 people at any one time across all of my roles.
I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow my personal brand.

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M.C. Johnson Enterprise LLC
We acquire lower mid market companies as well as value add partnerships looking to maximize long-term business results. Our ideal partners are founders and family businesses looking for exits due to retirement or other business opportunities. We also seek partnerships with entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to take their business to new levels and want to stay involved in their day to day operations but looking for help in managing the big picture.
We strive to create long term value instead of short term returns with strategic digital marketing, creative capital allocation, asset repurposing and evolved enterprise models.
Send us a message if you're looking to exit your company or are seeking a value add partnership.

United Business Leaders
We use data driven insight to create high ROI campaigns for forward thinking companies. Our primary business specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Instagram Campaign Management to drive business results.

Lead SEO Strategist Remarkable Digital
Assist Remarkable Digital with creating and implementing lead Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Co - Host of The Coders Startup Podcast
The Coders Startup Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. We discuss everything from marketing, finance and product development, to life challenges as an entrepreneur.

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As Founder and President of, I help small businesses use Cloud Technologies to get automated and go mobile. We are QuickBooks Online specialists and work with business owners to integrate their accounting with add-on apps from the "QBO" Ecosystem: online payroll & timesheets, bill pay, expense reports, document management and much more. We consult on building the best system for your needs, then act as your support team. Our automated bookkeeping service keeps your business updated behind the scenes, freeing YOU to run your business (and have a life). offers completely automated full service online payroll for businesses in over 20 states. You submit payroll, we do everything else. 100% guaranteed accurate tax calculations and online employee onboarding make it simple; our small business low cost plans make it affordable.

"I love technology" - Kip Dynamite

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After working in other companies and firms for 10 years I started a tax, accounting and consulting firm called Axiom CPA in 2005. The focus of that company was to help business owners identify where they want their business to go, plan strategically to get there and execute those plans on a weekly and monthly basis. We also spent a large amount of our time in traditional CPA firm services such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

In 2012 the tax and accounting firm clients were sold to another firm and Axiom Strategic Consulting narrowed its focus to strategic planning and execution. As a CPA I am more focused on the numbers than most consultants or coaches. The programs and strategies we devise with clients can always be traced to their impact on the bottom line. As a consultant my approaches and tools have been developed in the trenches alongside business owners and their teams.

Direct download: 20161222_JoeyBrannon_Final.m4a
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Thirty years as a multiple award-winning producer, director, writer, executive, and actor for most major TV networks and studios. My goal: position Cloudwalker Videoworks as the top supplier of network-quality, affordable, high-impact videos for websites, product, corporations, non-profits, local TV ads, and more. Looking to network with companies with which I have a natural synergy, such as marketing/branding and website firms, to create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Specialties: Directing, Producing, Writing, for TV, film, and stage.

Direct download: 20161208_RichardClayman_Final.m4a
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I am an entrepreneur and manage finance departments for small businesses. With 15 years of finance and human resources experience, I have worked with successful HR Directors, CEO’s, pastors, and small business owners. I enjoy working with CPA’s and have done so from coast to coast who support my work. My experience has given me the ability to work with all levels of an organization.

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Ken Pyle is a partner of DFDR Consulting specializing in Information Security, Computer Forensics, Enterprise Virtualization and Network Engineering. Ken has an extensive background in Network Penetration and Remediation, Compliance and Secure Design. Prior to joining DFDR, he served as a Security and Network Engineer for several Information Technology companies and as the IT Director/Security Engineer of a large accounting firm. Ken has consulted with financial institutions, banks, government defense contractors and other highly secure facilities on issues of Information Security, Computer Forensics and Secure Network Design.

Ken has lectured on Information Security and has published several whitepapers on subjects including public information gathering via Social Networking and Social Engineering. Ken was a featured speaker at the 2015 Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC). Ken is a highly rated and popular lecturer on Information Security, presenting for several professional organizations including Wolters Kluwer, Prime Global, RBMA and AGN. Ken is also a subject matter expert for Information Security, appearing in industry publications such as Accounting Today and the New Jersey Law Journal. In 2015, he was recognized as a "40 under 40" by South Jersey Business People.

Holding numerous security and technology certifications from industry leaders such as Offensive Security, ISC2, Guidance Software, EC-Council, Cisco, VMware, CompTIA and AccessData, he has also published several software vulnerabilities and exploits, and is an active researcher. He is currently working on a book concentrating on Cybersecurity, Forensics and Secure Design.

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I'm the founder and CEO at BizInk where make accountants incredible online.

We do that with high-performance websites, engaging content and modern marketing tools. Everything we do is built for accountants and streamlined so they can run their practices in the knowledge their online marketing is in safe hands.

We’re based in the South Island of New Zealand but power the websites of accountants in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

I love working with accountants because of their vital role in business and the economy. Sitting at the intersection of business and technology is an amazing place to be right now.

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Certified Public Accountant helping small to mid-size business owners achieve financial peace. By utilizing QuickBooks Online to streamline accounting procedures, business owners can better focus on their core business.

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☀ Michael Rozbruch


✔ Coach and train CPAs, attorneys and EAs
✔ Help them rethink their business models
✔ Show them how they can provide real value to people with IRS problems
✔ How to help themselves transform and improve their own lives by maximizing their earning potential.
✔ Show professionals how to market and add tax debt resolution clients to their practices.

Direct download: 20161027_MichaelRoz_Final.m4a
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UpSide Accounting are advisors to Gen Y creative types in Canada interested in leveraging cloud based accounting and supporting technologies to start, run and scale a more profitable business.

Direct download: 20161020_MikeWiddis_Final.m4a
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Tax expertise in the following areas:
Partnership Taxation
Corporate Taxation
Individual Taxation
Business State Taxation
Technical Experience:
RIA & CCH Federal and State
ProFx Tax, Engagement

2010, 11, 12, 13 Texas Monthly 5-Star Wealth Manager Award

Specialties: Business and Individual Taxation compliance and consulting

Direct download: 20161006_JayTompkins_Final.m4a
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I am a serial CFO and entrepreneurial accounting professional, most recently as Co-Founder & CEO of and Owner of Burlington CFO, LLC.

I got started in the profession at an early age. As the son of Cambodian refugees who made our home in Arizona in the early 80s, I worked for an amateur sports nonprofit during high school. At the age of 16, while overseeing their database structure and event enrollment, I was quickly named as Controller for that same nonprofit and served until I was 19 and in college.

Since then, I've served in a variety of financial leadership capacities, from Controller to CFO. After moving to Burlington, VT in late 2011, I've quickly became a trusted adviser to CEOs and business owners, developing a niche as a part-time CFO. I launched in 2015 as my customer's demands for bookkeeping services grew and the technology to serve them online has come to a good level of maturity. We have grown relatively quickly and was selected by Intuit as a 2016 Firm of the Future Runner-up, recognizing us as one of the most future-ready and forward-thinking firms in the world.

As an online firm, we bring financial leadership in all areas of accounting (from Bookkeeper to CFO) to businesses across the country. Thanks to cloud technology tools like Quickbooks Online, small businesses can now afford bookkeeping & CFO services remotely. If you want to spend your time focusing on what you do best and let me and my team do what we do best, don't hesitate to reach out.

Let’s connect!

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I’m a Certified Public Accountant and a Registered Investment Advisor, author, and financial & tax educator. I believe there’s more than enough good fortune to go around, and my genuine passion is helping small businesses thrive.

I’m an entrepreneur myself, and it pains me to see small business owners getting bogged down in unnecessary, time-consuming details. With what I know, I can easily help them enjoy their businesses – and their lives – more fully. This is what my firm, The Omar Group, is all about – removing roadblocks and paving the way to success for every entrepreneur. My second company, CPA Marketing Genius, does the same specifically for CPA firms.

I started The Omar Group in 1996 to help New Jersey entrepreneurs uncover the untapped profits and hidden tax savings in their small businesses. Since then, I've helped hundreds of small business owners do just that, using our proprietary "profit detective" system. Additionally, I educate small business owners through my books, videos, seminars and coaching. My specialty is businesses ranging from start-ups to those with revenues of up to $20 million a year.

I am the author of two books:

Straight Talk About Small Business Success in New Jersey

- and -

The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy

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David Fisher, keynote speaker, author and coach, has seen all the mistakes financial professionals like you have made when networking for accounting clients.

Most spend zero time networking or they don’t spend their time correctly when networking for accounting clients. David’s built a catalog of books you can use to learn more advanced networking strategies whether you’re a : freelancer, business owner, Linkedin user and more.

On this episode of the Grow Your Firm Podcast, David Cristello and networking guru David Fisher dissect:

  1. The best way to network without doing “traditional networking”
  2. How just a few minutes a year could turn into new accounting clients
  3. Advanced strategies for closing the sale

"From Linkedin"

I help individuals and organizations harness the power of relationships to uncover new opportunities and make existing business easier. My goal is to help people win more business by building their personal influence and create human connections. My particular specialty is user adoption, i.e., getting people to actually take action on what they know.

My goal is to help professionals be better professionals. That encompasses networking, sales, communication, entrepreneurship, and personal development. I focus on the skill sets that enable individuals to be more effective and successful on a daily basis. I am the author of "Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It" and I frequently speak on business networking and social media (especially LinkedIn).

I am the host of "Beer, Beats, and Business", a podcast which provides listeners access to the thoughts and ideas of today's top movers and shakers. I also specialize in supporting salespeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and "solopreneur service providers" as a business coach.

I played the drums in a band for many years, and though I don't play as much anymore, everyone still uses the nickname I earned back then. So the next time we chat, feel free to call me D. Fish...

Direct download: David_Fischer_Final_Interview.m4a
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I'm a virtual CFO with the power (and the tools needed) to teach you and/or help you to maximize your profits and productivity.

Please refer to the Contact Info link above for all of my contact information. That is the fastest way to connect with me and get/give information about how we can help one another.

Attention Small Business Owners, Sage Users, QuickBooks Users, Xero Users, Bookkeeping Professionals, Tax Attorneys, and CPAs!

I take the complex and make it simple. I'm a teacher and I know how to make it easy for you by teaching you the financial side of your business in a way that makes it easy to understand.

I increase your productivity by either teaching you or helping you to use the small business applications that are out there and within your reach to streamline your business and make it grow.

I help you or your clients learn, retain and generally get help with QuickBooks and other business productivity software so that you can run your business and focus on what YOU do best!

I prepare you or your clients'​ financial accounting for your IRS audit so that you can have peace of mind - even during a stressful experience like an audit.

I clean up your financial accounting records, and I maintain them while managing your financial projections month to month so that you can set and reach your goals month to month and year to year.

Are you a rental property owner or manager? Visit my site at

You can learn a tremendous amount from me for free. Let my blogs and my YouTube Channel speak for themselves:

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Rob has forged a niche to be the world’s foremost authority on how Accounting firms can achieve peak performance.

Rob believes that Accountants are the natural trusted adviser to business. He believes that technology needs content and methodology to really be useful. He believes that Accountants are not that interested in the future they are interested in what they need to do NOW. He also believes that unless Accountants change their business model then a big part of their current revenue will go the way of the dinosaur.

Since 1994 he has been running businesses that specialise in helping Accountants run better, more profitable businesses. His speaking work has taken him around the world where he has spoken to in excess of 150,000 accountants. Currently his landmark strategies and products are used by over 16,000 accountants in over 20 countries.

In 2005 he created the revolutionary coaching model called coachingclub. The coachingclub model enabled firms to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas amongst their peers. The vast majority of firms have doubled or tripled profits because of the program.

He is the author of 2 bestselling books “Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up – why they don’t and what to do about it” AND “Remaining Relevant – the future of the Accounting profession”. Both have received rave reviews from Accountants and industry professionals from around the world.

In 2014 he released a groundbreaking cloud software solution called PANALITIX. Accountancy firms around the world use PANALITIX to get better numbers and delight their clients. PANALITIX helps Accountants automate their marketing and delivery of business advisory services.

Direct download: Rob_Nixon_on_2016-08-23_at_20.11.m4a
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on Heather from:

Hi, I’m Heather. I have 20 years of experience managing and advising businesses across many industries (IT, law and fitness, to name a few.) In my current role as owner/operator of Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions, I help individuals and small businesses get their numbers in order through financial auditing, analysis and planning, and I’m particularly skilled at taking your unorganized data and presenting it in an easily digestible way. I always speak in plain language, have an eye for detail, and a knack for teaching others to develop good accounting habits.

Number Nerds is a full-service bookkeeping firm based out of Surprise, Arizona but serving clients around the world. Owned and operated by experienced bookkeeper and financial consultant Heather Pranitis, Number Nerds specializes in getting clients' numbers in order through financial auditing, analysis and planning. When working with Number Nerds you can expect customized solutions to your specific bookkeeping challenges, easy-to-read financial reports and answers to all your tough finance-related questions, in plain language. Number Nerds staff have worked with companies of every size and from many different industries to improve their bookkeeping process develop good accounting habits.

Direct download: Heather_Final.m4a
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Richard founded the firm in late 2009. He has over 20 years of experience servicing organizations ranging from small closely held businesses to large Public Companies. Industries have included manufacturing, real estate, construction, non-profit, retail, employee benefit plans, local governments, automotive, education, health care, broker-dealers and professional organizations. Richard has served clients both domestically and internationally.

Richard received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Drexel University in 1987 and is certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Richard is active in the local community and has served on the Board of Kendal Crosslands Communities for 10 years. He is currently the Clerk (Chair) of the Board of Directors.


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) – serving on their National Peer Review Committee.
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) – serving on the Peer Review Committee as well as the Accounting and Auditing Procedures Committee. He is also a frequent author of the PICPA Journal on accounting and auditing topics.
  • Member of PrimeGlobal – serving as vice-chair of their Peer Review Committee and an annual presenter at their Business Assurance Conference.
  • Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Accountants.
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On Martin Bissett

Having spent a little under 17 years working with accounting firms across the UK to grow their firms by pro-actively winning new Grade A clients , launching USP was designed to be a departure into the education sector in order to assist business students and young professionals to develop the skill set,confidence and commercial awareness they need to achieve their career goals and exceed the expectations of their current and future employers.

Increasingly this work found a home in the accounting profession as firms looked towards developing their next generation of practice leaders and trainee recruits.

These worlds have now collided allowing USP to develop training, consulting, coaching and research content, often in business development disciplines; to empower both accounting educators and commercial firms to understand each other's needs and develop their CPD for emerging and future leaders accordingly.

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If your looking at growing fast for your CPA firm, would you consider a firm merger? Rob Cameron started his first firm in 1989 and since then has expanded his practice across Central Illinois through a firm merger with new partners.

Sometimes, you may have to merge when unforeseen circumstances arise…Rob tells about his.

In this episode of the Grow Your Firm Podcast, with Jetpack founder David Cristello, Rob walks you through:

  • What is the most important piece in determining the success of a merge [it’s not what you think]
  • The timeline for a merger from discussion to completion
  • What to EXPECT when you first merge


On Rob: 

A certified public accountant for more than 20 years, Rob Cameron has helped hundreds of people achieve their personal and business financial goals. As a small-business owner himself, he has experienced the challenges of keeping up and getting ahead. Rob knows how to help you make the most of your hard-earned money.

As a long-time coach and referee of youth sports, Rob demonstrates his commitment to consistency, discipline, and honesty. Those values guide his work for Hughes, Cameron & Company, LLC clients, who can be certain that Rob is looking out for them.

Rob is like no accountant you have ever met. He wants to get to know you and your business so that he can provide the best possible advice - in a friendly, relaxed manner. Email:

Direct download: RobSpringfieldFinal.m4a
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In this episode of the Grow Your Firm Podcast, David Cristello and Steve Major dive right into:


  • The “myth” that timesheets show productivity [Steve debunks the myth]

  • The problem most firms experience that cripple them when they on-board a new client

  • The exact timeline for how fast you can implement value pricing in your firm


On Steve Major: 

I work with accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses to transform their firm and guide small business owners on a journey of transformation. Technology is totally transforming the accounting industry and has allowed a fantastic opportunity for accounting professionals to help small business owners.

Small & medium business owners are desperate for help in making informed decisions to grow their business. Accounting professionals can help them make sense of the numbers, achieve free cashflow, understand the story of the numbers, make informed decisions.

I also work with accounting professionals to transform their firm by narrowing the focus, designing a suite of products / services, understanding and communicating value you are able to unleash the power of value pricing to command the price you deserve. Check out the Free 7 part email course -

Pricing is both an art and science. Value pricing is not just about fixed prices of menu pricing. Value pricing means you have to truly care for your customers. (Yes customers not clients). A True Professional is one who cares for their customers and their people.

Also I help professionals and consultants Kill the Timesheet. The timesheet is at the centre of lot of problems that professionals endure. The timesheet measures the wrong thing. It assumes that all time is equal (which just does not make sense). The timesheet creates a focus on efficiency ( but it even does not deliver on that) yet it totally avoids the question of effectiveness.

With over 25 years experience in various aspect of business and finance Steve assists knowledge businesses, professional services firms, consultants, coaches and other service businesses to achieve Pricing Power.

If you have any questions, thoughts or want more information -


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Meryl is the co-founder of BeanNinjas, which: 

Focus on growing your business. We'll count the beans! Cloud-based, fixed fee bookkeeping and support with the beautiful XERO software. Our specialty is online businesses including, e-commerce, SaaS, bloggers, coaches and digital agencies that operate in more than one country/currency. Currently operating in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and United Kingdom. We also lodge GST (Australia, NZ and Canada), sales tax (US), and VAT (UK). Bean Ninjas material on this page has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice. Please refer to our advisors for specific advice.

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Shelley Johnson Bio: 

An avid puzzle solver, be it jigsaw, family logistics, or the tax code, thinking through the solution gives Shelley great satisfaction. Hailing from a long line of “number crunchers,” Shelley’s grandmothers and mother had long careers in banking. Figuring year-end dividend earnings was a steady job during her teen years.

As owner of the Indianapolis-based accounting firm, Allman Johnson CPAs & Advisors, Shelley is focused on helping business owners and individuals seeking sophisticated, yet logical tax planning with an emphasis on cash flow and profitability.

Shelley is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in business and farm management. Her association with professional and service organizations over the last 25 years includes membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Indiana CPA Society. Shelley is the past chapter president of the American Society of Women Accountants (now known as The Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance) and the past president of the Indiana Board of Accountancy. She has also held committee positions on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

In the community, Shelley is active as a board member of the Methodist Foundation of Indiana, Inc., and she is involved in the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (past treasurer), and numerous church activities as well as family related volunteer events from cats to Scouts.

Direct download: ShelleyFinal.m4a
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QuickBooks and Mobile App Guru, Technology Addict and public speaker - where she has the privilege of offering insight, information and best practices in a completely unscripted, entertaining and sometimes irreverent way.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the accounting and payroll industry, she specializes in educating small businesses about embracing mobile and online solutions to increase their bottom line.

She was the very first QuickBooks ProAdvisor to get her QuickBooks Online certification, and is recognized globally as the foremost expert on the product. She is the original author of a number of training courses, Intuit's QuickBooks Online training material for US, Singapore, Canadian, Australian & UK versions, as well as the QuickBooks ProAdvisor QuickBooks Online Certification Course & Exam.

Often called “The QBO Queen” (although she prefers Supreme Global Empress…), she is passionate about encouraging any small business to embrace the interwebs to work better, faster and to do it ANYWHERE.

Stacy teaches regular QuickBooks and technology workshops through the local county SBTDC, as well as the local community college and continuing education classes for various school districts.

Her speaking engagements include live every Wednesday night,, 2012 & 2013 Spark & Hustle Tour, the Sleeter Group's 2012 Small Business Technology Road show, many industry trade shows and training sessions for conferences like Scaling New Heights, Accounting Solutions Conference, as well as national events for Wells Fargo and the Int'l Association of Administrative Professionals. Most recently, Intuit sent her to Australia to do live events teaching accountants & bookkeepers QBO & how to move their practices online.

Internationally recognized expert in QuickBooks Online & Intuit Appcenter
QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Mac & Enterprise Solutions
QuickBooks Payroll - All Versions

Direct download: Stacky_K_Interview_Full.m4a
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  • Ingrid is a bookkeeping nerd and CEO of Polymath. She loves taking a topic that most small business owners put on a scale from boring to terrifying and turning it into a fun and rewarding part of entrepreneurship. Ingrid is the creator of the Ask A Bookkeeper puppet show, founder of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association, and leader of the Southern Oregon Woodard Group.

Ingrid started Polymath in 2008, and jumped right into being a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at that time. Since then she has taken “bookkeeping nerd” to the next level, by always staying on the cutting edge of the industry and teaching our accounting colleagues how to do the same.  Ingrid always enjoys taking on big projects, learning new things, and helping others get organized and on the road to success… especially when it involves puppets. (If you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point!)

Ingrid has experience as treasurer for non-profit organizations, and she is a founding member of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association, an organization dedicated to enhancing the education and network resources of local bookkeepers and their clients.

When Ingrid is not playing her favorite video game (QuickBooks), she is usually playing Irish music or frolicking with her goats.  Ingrid also enjoys singing, dancing, gardening, and adventuring around the world with friends and family. She lives on a small farm with her goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, kitties, and snakes.  She and her husband Jeffrey play Irish music in an Ashland, Oregon band, The Feckin’ Tinkers, and you can see them each Tuesday night playing at Oberon’s Tavern for “Tinker Tuesday.”  

Direct download: Ingrid_Final.m4a
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Debbie is the owner of Behind the Scenes Financial Services, consultant to the sleeter group and a Quickbooks Proadvisor. 

In this latest Grow Your Firm podcast, Debbie shares what she believes are the keys to your success that leads to your clients’ success:

  • Thinking proactively and not reactively
  • A guide to profitability
  • How time is a profit center
  • Improving the client relationship
  • …and so much more!


Direct download: Debbie_Full_Interview.m4a
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Chad Ridner is the President of TwoRoads, a bookkeeping and tax company that relieves the burden and mystery of bookkeeping and tax, empowering business owners to clearly focus on what they’re most passionate about and what they do best.

Direct download: Chad_Ridner_Final_Interview.m4a
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Quick question... if you were to count up the number of services you provide, how many could you list? 
Many firm owners get stuck in the trap offering "me too" services that end up costing a significant amount time, only to find out that the profit margin is never increasing ... 
Today's guest found a different way, which was to also introduce CFO level services for many of their clients. 
In this exclusive interview,  we sat down with Steven Byler & Dan Gertudes, Partners at GrowthLab, where we discussed How To Ditch The Basic Accounting Services And Become An Outsourced CFO Firm.
Direct download: Steven_and_Dan_Final.m4a
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Chet is the Managing Partner at Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk& Loyd, LLC (SJHL), a full-service accounting firm inMcPherson, Hutchinson, and Wichita KS. We work with individuals andbusinesses in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture,medical practitioners, school districts, cities & counties,among others. We are told by our clients that they prefer to workwith us because we genuinely care about their success and see thebig picture.

SJHL was established in 1936 and I joined in 2006 as an accountant,was admitted as partner in 2011 and became Managing Partner in2014. My primary responsibilities include performing businessadvisory services, business valuations, individual & corporateincome tax, and working with closely held businesses to help themget where they want to be.

Direct download: Chet_Buchman_Full_Interview.m4a
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At GMLCPA, I’m helping businesses like yours make better decisions and move ahead faster. You see, competing in a global marketplace isn’t easy. It takes expertise and in-depth analysis to ensure you’re making the most of every opportunity. And that’s just the beginning.

If you’re wearing the hat of a CFO, you know how quickly it can take you out of your leadership role. That’s why, here at GMLCPA you can benefit from our Part-time or Virtual CFO services.

That’s right. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business, you can bundle CFO Services into a monthly package or as stand-alone consulting services. Imagine having a C-Level executive without the added payroll costs. You’d receive the feedback and guidance you need on your terms. This means, help navigating complex business systems and practices.

But that’s not all. GMLCPA offers you outsourced accounting and business consulting. Now, you can get the help you need, when you want it. It really is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the kicker. Our transparent cloud based systems mean you’re free to monitor your financial statements in real time, any time. You’re always in control.

GMLCPA is helping businesses like yours, create stronger cash flows and improve the bottom-line. All with transparency and clear guidance. No more fears of hidden problems.

Think about it. Now, you can have trusted professionals who will take an active interest in your business. You’ll experience break-throughs, make better decisions and move ahead faster. The solution is all right here. Let’s get started. Discover how easy real growth can be.

Direct download: GabriellePart2.m4a
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At GMLCPA, I’m helping businesses like yours make better decisions and move ahead faster. You see, competing in a global marketplace isn’t easy. It takes expertise and in-depth analysis to ensure you’re making the most of every opportunity. And that’s just the beginning.

If you’re wearing the hat of a CFO, you know how quickly it can take you out of your leadership role. That’s why, here at GMLCPA you can benefit from our Part-time or Virtual CFO services.

That’s right. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business, you can bundle CFO Services into a monthly package or as stand-alone consulting services. Imagine having a C-Level executive without the added payroll costs. You’d receive the feedback and guidance you need on your terms. This means, help navigating complex business systems and practices.

But that’s not all. GMLCPA offers you outsourced accounting and business consulting. Now, you can get the help you need, when you want it. It really is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the kicker. Our transparent cloud based systems mean you’re free to monitor your financial statements in real time, any time. You’re always in control.

GMLCPA is helping businesses like yours, create stronger cash flows and improve the bottom-line. All with transparency and clear guidance. No more fears of hidden problems.

Think about it. Now, you can have trusted professionals who will take an active interest in your business. You’ll experience break-throughs, make better decisions and move ahead faster. The solution is all right here. Let’s get started. Discover how easy real growth can be.

Direct download: GabriellePart1.m4a
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In this episode, we explore:

  • Why You Would Want to Leave a Traditional CPA Firm
  • Why the Billable Hour Model Does Not Work
  • Change the Way You Do Business
  • Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

Jay Holmes is a Partner at BlueBack Accounting

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Paula joined Beaird Harris in 1991 and became a shareholder in 2002. She works extensively with start-up companies and small businesses, specializing in working with physicians, dentists, attorneys, franchises, and sales companies. Paula is active in our wealth management business and has a passion for helping our clients achieve financial independence. With her extensive tax background, she works to merge financial planning goals with integrated tax strategies to achieve maximum financial results and tax savings. Paula also oversees the Firm's internship program and staff hiring and takes great pride in finding and retaining great Beaird Harris team members.

Paula is a 1992 graduate of Texas A&M University and became a CPA in 1994. She is a licensed Investment Advisory Representative, as well as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Texas Society of CPAs. She is also an active volunteer and serves on her church finance board of directors.

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Joel Sinkin is the President of Transition Advisors, LLC., a firm that exclusively consults on Mergers & Acquisitions for public accounting firms. He is an expert in practice evaluation, succession planning and transaction structure. He has personally overseen 900+ transaction closings of accounting firms since 1990 and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting from 2012 - 2015 by Accounting Today. He has worked with firms of all sizes from sole proprietors to large regional and international firms. He consults on internal and external succession planning and provides complete transaction support including valuations, alternative deal structures, documentation, due diligence and transitional issues regarding partners, staff and clients.

Transition Advisors is dedicated to working exclusively with accounting firms nationwide to:
• Develop and execute strategies to expand through mergers and acquisitions
• Identify objectives and create unique methods to facilitate retirement and other transition of owners
• Build business plans and owner agreements to facilitate and manage internal succession

He teaches CPE courses and lectures for the AICPA, many State Societies of CPAs and National Accounting Organizations. Joel is also frequently quoted in trade magazines and has authored articles for The Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Today, The CPA Journal, Inside Public Accounting, and other publications. He co-authored "Guide to Buying and Merging CPA Firms"​ published by PPC and "CPA Firm Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Buy a Firm, How to Sell a Firm, and How to Make the Best Deal" published by the AICPA.

Joel is also an editorial advisor to the AICPA’s newsletter Small Firm Solutions. In 2004, he fulfilled a personal goal to create a new type of consulting firm that brings a fresh approach to the succession and growth needs of accounting firms and their owners nationally by joining forces with Terrence E. Putney, CPA to form Transition Advisors

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About his recent presentation at DigitalCPA: 

The sale is complete and now you have to ensure the client stays excited about working with your firm. How long does it take to onboard a client? Who should be involved? How do you get the client to change to your processes and tools without overwhelming them with change? What are the systematized steps to onboarding? These questions, and others, will be discussed in this session.

 About Robert: 

Robert came to CliftonLarsonAllen LLP (CLA) in November 2014 transitioning over from a current outsourcing client of the firm. Robert has experience with several prestigious non-profits & higher education institutions in the Washington, D.C. area such as: the University Professional & Continuing Education Association, the American Physical Therapy Association, Georgetown University, & the National Academies of Science & Medicine. Robert is currently front running the firm wide Team for support & sales; he also provides support for several other applications in the Washington, D.C. area such as QuickBooks for Desktop & Online, Intacct, and Association Management Systems. 



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Taxnologi Solutions, LLC

Taxnologi provides effective and efficient solutions for all of your indirect tax compliance and consulting needs. With over 20 years of combined experience, we specialize in tax software consulting integration and implementations (Vertex, Sabrix, Taxware, etc.), transaction tax automation, state tax compliance (sales, use, and property), tax research, audit defense, and property tax services. We continually adapt to the ever changing world of tax law and accounting allowing us to remain on the cutting edge of tax technology.

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Tim ShortsleeveTim ShortsleeveCPA.CITPLess


“Focus, environment, results.”  Tim Shortsleeve creates high performing organizations with these three words.  Having worked with a diverse range of clients, Tim knows that audit, tax, and planning issues are the easy parts.   Tim digs deep to understand his clients and guide them through the process of building a more efficient, healthy organization.  It’s a collaborative process that yields results, trust, and positive momentum.

Tim graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1984, and spent the first decade of his career in the Rochester, NY offices of Price Waterhouse and a Rochester regional accounting firm.  In 1994 he became a partner with the firm Bonn, Shortsleeve & Co., and over the course of 15 years provided tax, audit, accounting and process improvement services to closely held businesses in the areas of manufacturing, construction, not-for-profit, retailing, health care, and high-tech service industries.

Tim left the firm in 2010 and joined TYS as a  partner in the Rochester office . Today he uses his in-depth accounting and business process knowledge to help clients focus and achieve alignment in order to reach their goals.

Tim speaks frequently across the country on various tax, sales and business efficiency topics, and he’s written articles for numerous publications. Tim was selected to the Rochester Business Journal class of 2000 “40 Under 40” up and coming business professionals. Tim is also the past-president of the Rochester Chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation and was a former hockey coach at the Rochester Institute of Technology and also Monroe Community College.

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Sandra is a visionary leader who is gifted with the ability to tackle emerging as well as future challenges. She works with a sense of adventure, preferring to focus upon the most essential facts in order to grasp a "big picture" view of any situation. Sandra relies upon her creativity and inspiration to cut through complexity and devise timely solutions while following her instincts to "keep the ship moving" at all times (and improvising with precision when necessary to make sure that happens.)

Sandra is a naturally gifted public speaker who is noted for the energy and excitement she brings to an audience. At the same time, she adds a personal touch that leaves individuals in the crowd with a sense that she is your friend. This ability to build relationships and project warmth makes Sandra especially effective at building great teams. She is a team player in her own right, offering her multi-tasking skills and a realistic viewpoint that can keep an agenda on track and people focused on the tasks at hand.

Sandra directs Boomer Consulting, Inc.'s annual Human Capital and Learning Symposium™ and offers her services as co-director of the Performance3™ Management Program. She has been in the Strategic Coach Entrepreneurial Team Program™ for 10 years and is responsible for communicating its concepts to clients and the Boomer staff.

Sandra is regularly invited to speak at national conferences where she empowers audiences with new ideas and a sense of humor.

She is a popular author who is frequently published by many trade journals including CPA Practice Management Report, Accounting Today, Accounting Web, The CPA Practice Management Forum, The CPA Report of South Carolina, Lagniappe of Louisiana and The Asset of Missouri Societies. She also contributes a regular column covering human resources to the Boomer Bulletin™ and penned an award winning marketing plan, Rebuilding the Community Bank, published by the Bank Marketing Association.

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On Dustin: 


"The pioneer and industry expert in applying Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Constraint Management principles within public accounting firms.

Providing expert Master Black Belt consultation to professional service and transactional processes as well as to small and mid-size manufacturers. I focus on applying practical concepts with a plan that is uniquely customized to each organization. Real process change happens when you have a combination of the right tools, with the right faciliation and team leadership, utilizing practical improvement ideas. This helps to ensure more complete and timely buy in within the business to process changes.

Specialties:Uniquely applying the concepts of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Constraint Management within professional service organizations. I help public accounting firms and other professional service organizations go beyond traditional productivity initiatives to drive real and lasting process changes to the organization. The innovative approach of Flowtivity helps free you from sub-optimal process changes in the past."

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Director of Technology & Marketing

HPC Accounting & Tax
July 2015 – Present (3 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

Design and implementation of accounting technology solutions internally and for clients. Putting that knowledge to good use marketing HPC's wide range of cloud solutions.

Co-Founder & CEO

Cloudsourced Accounting LLC
January 2013 – June 2015 (2 years 6 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

Grew an online bookkeeping and cloud integration firm from scratch to serve hundreds of customers all over the country in under three years. Went from zero to a dozen team members spread over four states. Cloudsourced Accounting was acquired by Harshman Phillips & Company (HPC) in July of 2015

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From Mike's Linkedin::: 

A CPA and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) who specializes in the area of dental and other healthcare entities.

I work primarily with privately owned practices and individuals and strive to become their most trusted financial advisor. We take a long-term approach to dealing with clients by billing them a flat monthly rate and often investing time over and above our agreements when clients need big things accomplished. We have the flexibility that many of our larger competitors don't have.

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Carrie is a founding shareholder and President of The Whetstone Group, Inc. Since 2000 Whetstone has provided growth consulting services to hundreds of CPA firms, professional service firms, and companies in business-to-business markets nationwide. She has nearly 20 years of professional services marketing experience.

Carrie helps clients:

  • Determine how to best organize for growth and build a sustainable growth culture.
  • Develop comprehensive growth plans, providing ongoing support and consultation.
  • Establish accountability for business development and meet their revenue goals.
  • Implement follow-up strategies to help manage the sales process with prospective clients and maximize their ROI on marketing.


She is also a skilled trainer and provides group sales training as well as one-on-one coaching that enables attendees to better understand the sales cycle and develop the personal skills necessary to close sales. Firm leaders, practitioners, marketing professionals benefit from her knowledge and dynamic approach.

Before joining Whetstone, Carrie was an in-house marketing director in the national marketing office of RSM McGladrey, Inc.

Carrie has presented for the AICPA, the Association for Accounting Marketing's (AAM) Annual Summit, the Indiana CPA Society, DFK USA's Annual Growth Summit, Moore Stephens North America, MSI Global Alliance's International Managing Partner Conference, BKR's Annual Marketing Meeting, PKF North America and The International Group of Accounting Firms (IGAF). She has been published in the AAM's MarkeTrendsThe Journal of Accounting Marketing and the CPA Practice Management Forum.

Carrie is also a member of the CPA Consultants' Alliance (CPACA), a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to further leadership within the CPA profession. Through collaboration, the CPACA offers deliverables and solutions CPA firms can use to advance leadership in their firm. She has also served on the AAM's Board of Directors as well as Chair of AAM's Education Committee.

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Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk has been a member of the creative and marketing services community for over 20 years and does not appear to be leaving it anytime soon. As president of bbr marketing, she has relished the challenges of entrepreneurship as she worked to grow and nurture a new business. Since the firm’s inception in 2009, Bonnie has led the young company to become widely recognized and respected within the professional services marketing niche, with award-winning client websites and an outstanding history of business success.

Bonnie quite literally wrote the book on online marketing for accounting firms, Take Your Marketing Online: Proven Ways to Grow Your Firm in the Digital Age, at the request of the AICPA. Prior to this feat, she was recognized for two years in a row as one ofAccounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People and is in great demand as a consultant, speaker and leader at various industry events. She is a founding member of the Atlanta Independent Women’s Network and is the Atlanta chapter president of the Association for Accounting Marketing. She is also a regular contributor to a variety of websites, including Social Media TodayAccounting Today and other industry-related publications and has been quoted in EntrepreneurU.S. News & World ReportCPA Practice Advisor, and others.

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Darren successfully created a highly efficient and effective CPA firm in Bloomington, Indiana. As a result of his successes in building and managing his CPA firm he has become a sought after speaker at many national conferences. Darren created an organization called RootWorks LLC to help other accounting firms around the country move their firms into what he calls the "Next Generation Accounting Firm". As a technology enthusiast, he likes all things that relate to technology. Darren recently authored The Intentional Accountant: Your Guide to Building A Next Generation Accounting Firm. Darren is the co-author of The E-Myth Accountant with famed author of The E-Myth Michael E Gerber and Youtility for Accountants with New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer. 

Over the next few years Darren plans on continuing to manage and grow his CPA Firm while working to grow and expand RootWorks to serve other accounting firms around the country.

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Sarah Johnson Dobek's Profile

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me! I am passionate about helping accounting firms, state CPA societies and vendors to the accounting profession grow. Through my experience as a former accounting firm marketing and hr director as well as through my role as an advisor to CPA firm leaders, I have learned that for firms to grow they have to do two things well- bring in new business while retaining current business AND they must retain the right talent. I am lucky enough to be in a position to help accounting firms do just this. 

I help our clients achieve their growth goals through a few key areas:

Marketing that drives growth
I work with local and regional firms around the country to help them develop and implement their roadmap to growth- a plan that aligns their growth goals with practical strategies to spur and maintain their growth. 

Social Media 
I help accounting firm use social media effectively and help them understand the value social media can bring to their organization. I also provide training and coaching on social media use and implementation, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs and more. We also help firm's determine how social media will be integrated into their marketing efforts or elevate their current efforts to drive more results.

Content Marketing
We work closely with firms to help them develop content marketing strategies or better leverage their existing content for improved results.

Author & Speaker 
I am a speaker and author on marketing topics, social media-including LinkedIn and Facebook, client service and retention, recruitment marketing and more. 

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Sandi Smith Leyva, CPA, CMA, MBA, and founder of Accountant’s Accelerator, has helped thousands of accountants earn more, work less, and serve their clients better through her innovative coaching and training services.

Sandi was named one of the Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2014 by CPA Practice Advisor, one of the 2013 “Ones to Watch” of Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” and was a 2013 Community Choice Honoree of the Small Business Influencer Awards held by Small Business Trends. She won a 2013 Stevie Award for “Maverick of the Year,” and her work has also been noted by CBS News, PBS, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Accounting Today, Journal of Accountancy, Today’s CPA, and The Practical Accountant. She is a regular contributor to CPA Trendlines.

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From Mike Michalowicz's Linkedin: 

I am the author of 'Profit First', 'The Pumpkin Plan' and 'The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur'. BusinessWeek called Toilet Paper Entrepreneur a business cult classic. My books have been translated into 10 languages.

I am also the founder of Profit First Professionals. The Profit First Professional organization is designed to support accountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals to substantially differentiate themselves in the market - so they can dictate a premium for their services and attract more clients. How do we do it? By introducing a significant service differentiator - the tools and techniques to maximize the profitability of your clients. If you own a bookkeeping or accounting business, and you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors... consider applying to be a Profit First Professional.

I am a co-founder of Provendus Group, a business growth consultancy. I have founded, built and sold two technology service based companies. My second company, PG Lewis & Associates, was sold in a public transaction in 2006. My first company was acquired by private equity.

I enjoy entrepreneurialism and gladly share experiences and advice with first time entrepreneurs. I am regularly invited to sit on both formal and informal advisory boards and have relationships with the angel and early-stage investment community.

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Jeff Borschowa is the founder of Business Evolution Consulting Inc.  He is an author, educator, and curator of all things related to accounting efficiency and technology.  Jeff first joined the accounting world in 1991 and has spent the bulk of his career working with and advising small to medium-sized enterprises.  Jeff has experience working in all sizes of accounting firms, from sole proprietorship to international firm.  The focus in Jeff’s career has been to find new and better ways to integrate innovation and technology to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency in the accounting process.

Jeff’s journey has been unique in that he has met some very innovative accountants and mentors in his career. Jeff has been very fortunate to be in a position to learn from them, compare their ideas, and to truly choose the best of the best.

Jeff would like nothing more than to free bookkeepers and accountants from the stress created by high volume commodity work, allowing them the freedom to pursue work that is rewarding personally and professionally.

Jeff’s overall goal is to reduce the hours worked by accounting professionals and increase overall profitability.  In Jeff’s experience, almost every bookkeeper or accountant can tell you how much their gross revenue is, but very few  know what their actual costs are.  Jeff challenges you to learn more about your business so that you can bid on the right kinds of projects and earn what you are worth – your education should be your most valued possession.

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About Me!
Jody Padar, CPA, has emerged as a “feeling leader.” That is, a leader driven by a passion to foster real change in the accounting profession. Jody represents the next generation of accounting professionals and is in the vanguard of the new movement of “digital CPAs.” She has joined with other future-thinking leaders and vendors to spread the word and educate the profession on its natural evolution into the digital age. Embracing the Cloud, social media, and other highly advanced technologies and practices, Jody is out to alter the way CPAs think about firm culture and serving their clients via speaking engagements, podcasts, published articles, and 'screaming it from the rooftop'. A true change agent, Jody continues to initiate conversations and encourage open collaboration between the profession and vendors in order to support the movement toward a newer, better, and more innovative CPA firm culture.

Jody earned her BBA from Saint Mary’s College and MST from Northern Illinois University. Jody is also an adjunct professor at Oakton Community College and a contributing member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network.

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Chad is a partner at LiveCA

LIVECA LLP is a 13 person firm committed to providing a progressive approach to accounting with a focus on entrepreneurs and technology professionals. Our concept is to allow greater accessibility to information and advice by connecting clients online directly to a chartered accountant from the comfort of your home or office. 

With the wide range of online tools available in today’s marketplace, our goal is to help clients shift their accounting towards an online platform - reducing the need to search through piles of paper documents and spending more time on value-added work.

Our team designs customized digital workflows and are familiar with a large number of applications that can help solve many issues experienced by entrepreneurs (timely financial advice, cash flow forecasting, systems integrations, etc). 

We work completely online with no desktop systems in a paperless environment. Practicing what we preach is really important to us. 

Whether you are setting out with a new idea or are already an established entrepreneur, we would love to speak to you about bringing your business online and taking care of your accounting and tax needs.

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Randy Johnston is a nationally recognized educator, consultant, and writer with over 30 years experience in Strategic Technology Planning, Accounting Software Selection, Paperless, Systems and Network Integration, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Development and Management, Process Engineering and outsourced managed services.

In this interview, we help CPA Firm owners, accounting professioanls, and bookkeepers navigate the technological jungle of finding the right software for your firm or practice. 

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LIVECA is committed to providing a progressive approach to accounting with a focus on forward thinking entrepreneurs. The concept is to allow greater accessibility to information and advice by connecting clients online directly to a chartered accountant from the comfort of your home or office. With the wide range of online tools available in today’s marketplace, our goal is to help clients shift their accounting towards a digital platform - reducing the need to search through piles of paper documents and spending more time on value-added work.

Whether you are setting out with a new idea or an already established entrepreneur, we would love to speak to you about your business.

Check us out at

Or, just email me at to schedule a free online consultation at your convenience.

LiveCA provides a comprehensive range of accounting services from a qualified chartered accountant for small and medium sized businesses.

Corporate Taxation, Self-Employed Individuals, Accounting software setup, Trusts, Joint Ventures.

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Ed Kless joined Sage in July of 2003 and is currently the senior director of partner development and strategy. He develops and delivers curriculum for Sage business partners on the art and practice of small business consulting including the Sage Consulting Academy, Business Strategy and Customer Experience Workshops. He also serves as the liaison to the Sage Leadership Association.

Prior to joining Sage, Ed worked with Tipping Point Advisors, an organization dedicated to the growth and development of software implementation partners. In 1996, he co-founded Third Wave Business Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner that grew to 20 team members and $5 million in revenue. At Third Wave, Ed developed the implementation methodology and led the CRM and ERP consulting teams.

Ed is a frequent contributor to industry publications, including the Journal of Accountancy, Harvard Business Review and, and has spoken at many conferences worldwide on project management, pricing, and knowledge workers. He is also active in the Information Technology Alliance (ITA). He lives north of Dallas with his wife and two children and ran for Texas State Senate in 2010 and 2012 as a Libertarian.

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If you really want to talk shop, Kirk brings over 15 years of experience developing FileMaker databases and web applications as well as systems integration. As the principal of MightyData, Kirk heads an elite team of FileMaker Certified Developers and Authorized Trainers. He is a renowned speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference and PauseOnError un-conference. Anyone who knows Kirk realizes that to become the Visionary of Value means walking the walk and talking the talk. To that end, Kirk is a Practicing Fellow at the VeraSage Institute and a proud graduate of EntreLeadership.

He is also the Founder and Host of The Art of Value Podcast 

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Adrian G. Simmons is a CPA innovating ways to put money in its place. His first debit was made in the classrooms of Loyola University Maryland, where he completed his studies in 2000, and then launched out as an auditor with KPMG Baltimore. He was relieved to have passed the CPA exam in one sitting so he could avoid more studying, but was surprised to learn that it came with an Elijah Watts Sells Silver medal. In 2002, he left KPMG to join his father in public practice, and began the work of serving small businesses, individuals, and non-profits. Since that time, the practice has grown to now four individuals, and the team works together to help customers become financially strong, so that they can focus on what truly matters in life. Adrian likes tech, uses a fountain pen, prefers dark over milk chocolate, and is happy to say he recently survived a half-marathon. His faith is very important to him, and he teaches Sunday school at his local parish. He also likes the out-of-doors, always keeping an eye out for ways to walk, hike, bike, ski, scuba, camp, swim, and others — one he’d really like to do soon is whitewater rafting. In the world of accounting, his interests lie in finding ways to make business more human, in keeping numbers secondary as a support to life aspirations, and in molding technology to enable creative expression. He is excited to be a part of the network of Thrivealists who share this passion, and are pioneering a new future for the profession.

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Angie serves as President of The Rainmaker Companies and previously served as the Director of Consulting for The Rainmaker Companies for several years. 
Consistently named by Accounting Today Magazine as “one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” and listed as a 40 Under 40 in the Accounting Industry by CPA Practice Advisor, Grissom is a frequent presenter at national conferences, Angie is renowned for her influence in and passion for the industry. She brings all this to her role at The Rainmaker Companies, striving to share her proven knowledge and know-how to transform the lives of clients through consulting, coaching, training and developing accountability within accounting firms.

Prior to joining Rainmaker, Angie worked in organizational management, sales and human resources. She has served as the Vice President of the American Society of Women Accountants Music City chapter, and an active member of the CPACA Alliance for accounting industry consultants, the National Speaker’s Association and the Association for Accounting Marketing. She contributes to and authors practice management articles for trade journals including Accounting Today, CCH Practice Management Report and the CPA Leadership Report, as well as state society newsletters and other publications. Angie is the “She” in the regular published column in Accounting Today known as “He Said, She Said” which highlights and debates topics and issues in the accounting industry.

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Mission: “To, once and for all, bury the billable hour and timesheet in the professions”

Ronald J. Baker started his CPA career in 1984 with KPMG’s Private Business Advisory Services in San Francisco. Today, he is the founder of VeraSage Institute—the leading think tank dedicated to educating professionals internationally—and a radio talk-show host on the show: The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy.

As a frequent speaker, writer, and educator, his work takes him around the world. He has been an instructor with the California CPA Education Foundation since 1995 and has authored fifteen courses for them, including: You Are What You Charge For: Success in Today’s Emerging Experience Economy (with Daniel Morris); Alternatives to the Federal Income TaxTrashing the Timesheet: A Declaration of IndependenceEveryday EconomicsEveryday Ethics: Doing Well by Doing GoodThe Best Business Books You Should ReadPricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing ValueMeasure What Matters to Customers; and Innovating Your Business Model.

He is the author of six best-selling books, including: Professional’s Guide to Value PricingThe Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services, co-authored with Paul Dunn; Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing ValueMeasure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators; and Mind Over Matter: Why Intellectual Capital is the Chief Source of Wealth; and his latest book, Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms.

Ron has toured the world, spreading his value-pricing message to over 120,000 professionals. He has been appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Group of One Hundred, a think tank of leaders to address the future of the profession; named on Accounting Today’s 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Top 100 Most Influential People in the profession; voted number six and nine of the Top ten Most Influential People in the profession in 2012 and 2013; selected as one of LinkedIn’s Influencer Bloggers; and received the 2003 Award for Instructor Excellence from the California CPA Education Foundation. He graduated in 1984, from San Francisco State University, with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and a minor in economics. He is a graduate of Disney University and Cato University, and is a faculty member of the Professional Pricing Society. He resides in Petaluma, California.

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