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On this episode of Growing Your Firm, host David Cristello welcomes back Nayo Carter-Gray, owner of 1st Step Accounting. Nayo, an enrolled agent and Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, is known for making accounting less taxing. 

The conversation also covers the importance of diversity and inclusion in various aspects of business, setting boundaries in work, and prioritizing work-life balance, accounting automation, and technology in the accounting industry.

Nayo Carter-Gray is a distinguished figure in the accounting industry, known for making accounting less taxing for her clients. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Nayo has established herself as an enrolled agent, a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified Pro Advisor, and a Gusto Ambassador. 

Her impressive credentials also include being recognized as one of Hubdoc's top 50 cloud accountants, a former Intuit Accounting Council member, and one of Forbes' top 100 tax Twitter accounts.

Nayo's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession is evident through her active involvement in promoting underrepresented voices. 

As the founder of 1st Step Accounting, Nayo prioritizes setting boundaries and emphasizes that other people's emergencies do not constitute emergencies for her. This philosophy reflects her dedication to work-life balance and prioritizing personal well-being while delivering exceptional service to her clients.

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In this episode of Growing Your Firm, host David Cristello interviews Randy Crabtree, a top influencer in the accounting industry. Randy, co-founder of Tri-Merit, discusses R&D, tax credits, and cost segregation, sharing insights on the success of his firm. Tune in for a valuable conversation on creating a culture of value and importance in the workplace.

The listener will learn about the importance of creating a culture where people feel valued and can be themselves, as well as the benefits of specializing in niche areas in accounting.

Randy Crabtree is a renowned figure in the accounting industry, known for his innovative approach to building successful firms and fostering a positive company culture. With a career spanning over three decades, Randy has established himself as a thought leader in the field of accounting and tax consulting.

In the podcast episode, Randy discusses the importance of building a strong culture within a remote work setting. He highlights the significance of creating a workplace where individuals feel valued, important, and free to be themselves.

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In this episode of Growing Your Firm, host David Cristello, founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, welcomes Jessica Zoraida, a Latina entrepreneur and CEO of Big Picture Results. Jessica shares her journey of being self-taught, launching her firm, and navigating various pivots and transitions. 

Big Picture Results is an accounting and tax company dedicated to helping profitable, growing businesses, particularly those operated by marginalized populations, maximize their financial outcomes. Jessica discusses her mission to support women and other marginalized groups in the business world, highlighting the services her firm offers and the types of clients they serve. 

Tune in to learn more about Jessica's inspiring path and the strategies she employs to help businesses thrive.

The listener will learn about how Big Picture Results focuses on bringing more to the bottom line for business owners, the importance of financial management, evolving packaging and pricing in financial advisory relationships, working with service providers with a good quality brand, having a qualified team for bookkeeping, regular meetings with the CFO and COO, eliminating unnecessary tasks, and maximizing returns for accounting firms and CPAs.

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