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Are you looking for an accountant who genuinely cares about you and the success of your business?

I help entrepreneurs with growing businesses develop and maintain the right financial systems and strategies that release them from the burden of handling the numbers side of their business while showing them how to maximize profit and minimize taxes. At a high level, my services include:
-Clean-Up - sometimes you don't always get off on the right foot when it comes to the financial side of your business. Here we help clean up any mess and set your systems up the right way going forward
-Stabilize - once things are cleaned up and functioning properly, we will serve as an attachment to your team, virtually handling the numbers side of your business and providing meaningful financials that help you, not confuse you
-Advise - once your business hits a certain size, you need more than just a team of accountants giving you the right numbers. You need an outsourced CFO to help you understand everything and give expert guidance.
-Tax Planning - while having a big fat profit is nice, most business owners (myself included) hate to share a rather large portion of that with Uncle Sam. We help you proactively create strategies that minimize your tax burden while helping reach your financial goals

-Service-based businesses
-Specialty trade contractors

Want to get a better idea of who an ideal fit for us would be? Check out the "Who is a Client?" page on our website:

-Do you want to stop wasting time and emotional bandwidth worrying about the financial side of your business, so you can get back to being the Owner, CEO, Bossman/Bosslady you always dreamed of being in your business?
-Do you want someone in your corner who genuinely cares for you and your business and has got your back?

Let's chat! Schedule a free discovery session with me at the link below to learn more:

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