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On Dustin: 


"The pioneer and industry expert in applying Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Constraint Management principles within public accounting firms.

Providing expert Master Black Belt consultation to professional service and transactional processes as well as to small and mid-size manufacturers. I focus on applying practical concepts with a plan that is uniquely customized to each organization. Real process change happens when you have a combination of the right tools, with the right faciliation and team leadership, utilizing practical improvement ideas. This helps to ensure more complete and timely buy in within the business to process changes.

Specialties:Uniquely applying the concepts of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and Constraint Management within professional service organizations. I help public accounting firms and other professional service organizations go beyond traditional productivity initiatives to drive real and lasting process changes to the organization. The innovative approach of Flowtivity helps free you from sub-optimal process changes in the past."

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