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Thank you for wanting to learn more about me! I am passionate about helping accounting firms, state CPA societies and vendors to the accounting profession grow. Through my experience as a former accounting firm marketing and hr director as well as through my role as an advisor to CPA firm leaders, I have learned that for firms to grow they have to do two things well- bring in new business while retaining current business AND they must retain the right talent. I am lucky enough to be in a position to help accounting firms do just this. 

I help our clients achieve their growth goals through a few key areas:

Marketing that drives growth
I work with local and regional firms around the country to help them develop and implement their roadmap to growth- a plan that aligns their growth goals with practical strategies to spur and maintain their growth. 

Social Media 
I help accounting firm use social media effectively and help them understand the value social media can bring to their organization. I also provide training and coaching on social media use and implementation, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs and more. We also help firm's determine how social media will be integrated into their marketing efforts or elevate their current efforts to drive more results.

Content Marketing
We work closely with firms to help them develop content marketing strategies or better leverage their existing content for improved results.

Author & Speaker 
I am a speaker and author on marketing topics, social media-including LinkedIn and Facebook, client service and retention, recruitment marketing and more. 

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