Growing Your Firm | Strategies for Accountants, CPA's, Bookkeepers , and Tax Professionals

In this insightful episode of the "Growing Your Firm" podcast, brought to you by Jetpack Workflow, host David Cristello is joined by special guest Adam Lean, CEO and co-founder of The CFO Project

Adam shares his expertise on how accountants can go beyond traditional number-crunching by engaging with clients through meaningful conversations that resemble therapeutic sessions. By asking open-ended questions about clients' businesses and aspirations, accountants can foster a deeper connection and provide greater value.

Adam also delves into the importance of CFO advisory services as a scalable way for accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and enrolled agents to grow their firms and increase their earnings. The episode discusses the rise of advisory services in the accounting industry, from integration in mid-market firms to adoption by smaller practices as a lucrative service offering.

Listeners will learn about the importance of asking clients questions to get them talking, the benefits of adding CFO advisory services to accounting firms, and the current state of advisory services in the industry.

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