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In this special episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, I discuss:

  • How to onboard new clients to set you up for future success
  • Steps to make sure each client doesn’t become a headache later
  • The art of setting expectations with your fresh, new client

Why Having Steps to Properly Onboard New Clients is as Critical Than Ever


I hammered home in Part I of this special series that before you begin scouring the city for new clients, you must have processes in place for efficiency purposes. Nothing cripples the growth of an accounting firm more than faulty processes.

Remember, the worst your process is, the less clients you can take, the more staff you must hire. Loss of revenues, increase in cost. That’s not what we’re looking for. In Part I, I gave some tips to nail down your processes and really open up the floodgates to productivity.

Now, when you’re changing up your processes and (now) onboarding new clients, it’s easiest to do test runs on new prospects. The reason is simple. These new clients don’t know how you work, so you’re not changing anything up for them.

The key we do this is because: we don’t want to bring in new clients into a broken system.

The right processes saves a lot of time and money. One of my past guests, Stacy Kildal, was able to trim down her entire client thanks to the right processes mixed with a seamless onboarding experience.

Now, she has a waitlist to work with her!

She also finds clients are willing to pay more for her services.

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