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Clayton Oates is a Business Efficiency Specialist and Thought Leader in the Accounting Technology Industry, with more than 25 years experience in the Accounting, IT Consulting and Bookkeeping industries in Australia. He brings knowledge and passion to the cause of helping small business owners and operators, Accountants and Bookkeepers build stronger businesses, with systems that are simple and effective.

He is co-founder of QA Business, a specialist independent IT Consultancy practice focused on Small Business Efficiency. Since its inception, QA Business has set up and managed thousands of business systems throughout Australia, ranging from sole-trader home based businesses through to large corporations. QA Business specialises in implementing business software solutions that focus on business efficiency and work/life balance for the business owner by utilising software as a productivity tool within the businesses.

Clayton has also developed systems that improve the financial management process within a business and documenting systems that not only benefit the Business Owner, but provides an opportunity for the Bookkeeper and Accountant to provide greater value to the business.

Clayton is also a regular presenter at various Accounting / IT and Business Consulting events and over the past 15 years and has helped more than 20,000 businesses implement simple (and effective) systems to improve financial management and enhanced customer service levels.

Clayton talks from experience and operates his own business by using the practical solutions that he teaches his clients. Building QA Business from a small regional town on the NSW North Coast with a focus on systems and customer service has enabled him to enjoy a lifestyle which he truly believes is attainable by all. However perhaps his most important achievement to date is being happily married to my best friend and the proud dad of 5 fabulous humans.

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