Growing Your Firm | Strategies for Accountants, CPA's, Bookkeepers , and Tax Professionals

Today's episode features Samantha Santaniello, partner at R.S.K Tax & Consulting. Samantha discusses the importance of setting boundaries to manage time effectively as a business owner.

Host David Cristello explores topics like systems and processes for scaling a firm, balancing work and family life, and utilizing AI transcription tools. Tune in to gain insights on optimizing workflow and achieving work-life balance in the accounting industry.

The listener will learn about setting boundaries, systems and processes for scaling a firm, managing personal routines and juggling multiple responsibilities as a business owner and parent. They will also hear about the services provided by R.S.K Tax & Consulting, focusing on small business owners and real estate investors.

The importance of tax planning and strategy for small business owners, real estate investors, and individuals will also be discussed, along with insights into building a successful business with a sibling and managing personal systems effectively.

Additionally, the benefits of having a morning routine, utilizing an administrative assistant, and implementing tools like Jetpack Workflow for organization and task management will be highlighted.

The episode will also cover the significance of building a great team, incorporating ideas from others, and utilizing digital assistants in virtual meetings.

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